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sexta-feira, 13 de abril de 2018

Another Interesting Review about the Ritual Offerings Book

Another Interesting Review about the Ritual Offerings Book

From times to times people comment with me about the areas I wrote at that book. 
Here I will write about a very nice one I received.

But first, just for some background.

From the presentation of the book in Nephilim Press:

"...Ritual Offerings unites 12 practicing occultists who share their knowledge and experience with this fascinating and important subject..."

Few years ago Aaron Leitch started this great project and someway he found my ideas was suitable to be together with the works of some of the most know people at Western Magick.

The contributors include:
Aaron Leitch: Introduction: Magickal Offerings in Western Occultism
Aaron Leitch: Liber Donariorum: The Book of Offerings
Zadkiel: The Elements of Making Offerings: The Offering as Sacrifice
Bryan Garner (Frater Ashen Chassan): Whispers From a Skull: Lessons in Spiritual Offerings From a Conjured Familiar
Brother Moloch: Ancestors & Offering
Frater Rufus Opus: The Back Yard Path Toward the Summum Bonum
Denise M. Alvarado: Ritual Offerings in New Orleans Voudou
Jason Miller: Severed Head Cakes and Clouds of Dancing Girls: Offerings in Tibetan Buddhism
Nick Farrell: Offerings in Roman Deity Magic
Sam Webster, M.Div., Ph.D., founder OSOGD: Offerings in Iamblichan Theurgy
Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero: Ritual for the Declaration of Maa-Kheru
Gilberto Strapazon: Offerings in Ceremonial Magick and African Traditional Religions

Each one of the others are well known at the occult areas and have a long time of practice and study and are truly skilled in their areas at most top levels.

As people like some information, yes, every one of them have a long time at most known occult orders and magick areas, plus a lot of occult groups nobody even think to exist (I won't cite Illuminati for sure... LOL).
All of them are Masters in their own right, with a formal and solid work, with their own path and working groups too.

So thanks to the internet, I knew and had contact with many of them, learning a lot and sharing knowledge for years, even since some two decades posting at online forums and groups in many countries.

Be sure to have my experience to become part of this work was a true gift for me too.

What I did and why I wrote that material: 

I'm worried with the mixings among many magic and spiritual areas.

I see this every day.

Be sure I did it too and learned a lot for sure. Tears and blood included, no kidding. 

I have seen people going after "easy results" or just because not checking sources, to be mixing ATR (African Tradional Religions) with others areas.

First, ATR is a really fantastic area. But is not all. And it's not for all. I fully respect the decent priestes, the nice people who do a very nice work. I just had a lot of time at the darkest and corrupted areas too and that is what many people will find easy due lack of knowledge about the area as few comment how some things works.

And to be clear, what I wrote is very related to "any mixings" among practices, so is not only muxings with ATR.
Repeating: what I wrote apply to any mixing of areas. For example, western pagan fairy magick with Tao or anything else. Be sure something won't work at that. 

Each area has a reason to exist and not all times what appears to be alike means to be the same.
 There are lots of works, blogs, websites, books, artcicles at magazines presenting "spells" and dirtorted information that is result of such mixings. 

Currently I see this happens with every possible magick and spiritual areas, Grimoires, Pagan, Viking, Tao, Buddhism, Reiki, and even in Evangelic churches!

I'm very serious about some churches and there's lot of funny videos from some evangelic churches where what they are doing is 100% ATR, but people think that was because "Jesus". No way! That's ATR work (or other source) and with results common people are not aware about the troubles to happens later. And some of such priestes are using that sources on purpose, I say, some churches and other groups are doing secret works too to manipulate people. This to say a minimun.

An Example Not So Simple To Deal

A simple result of such mixings is the idea many people will find about "baths". What is easy to find anywhere is the stupid comment to "do not wash" your head with salt or even herbs.
That is always 100% because ATR forbid this to people who are formally initiated. SO this does not apply to all the other people! Please, wash your head when you do such spiritual baths and avoid a lot of future troubles for yourself!
For people at Solomonic areas, just remember the grimories are clear about full bath, including head.
Here's an article on purpose:
Do Thick Salt Bath or Herbal Bath Over Your Head?
This is a very simple example. Just a wrong done bath can make a mess at one's life.
Be sure, 100% of times, no exceptions, including some authors from areas as different as "Reiki" who are speaking to not to wash your head, I always found that everyone has or had more intimate contact with ATR and have no other source to cite. Ok, some are so stupid to say "there was formal studies about..." Guess what? I went after that and found 100% their study sources was ATR and most of them was part of some ATR group too before. Yes, I took time to check such sources always. Dot.
I'm commenting only a minor part of the text for that book, but see how something that appears "so simple" as a herbs or salt can result in troubles? (please, read the above linked text for this)

This was my writing work at that book. For curiosity, the biggest chapter at the book. 
The original material for sure was edited and we needed to cut a lot. From some 70 to +30 pages. And still I have material for near 500 pages.  May be a future work?  

Some Good Results

We already has some very nice reviews about that work and is great to see people get the idea about how to improve their magick works.

The grimoires just cite how to make tools and what prayers to do. Same at many other areas.
Most lack to comment "how to work". And here's another idea for this book. How to improve the methods at any magick area and get more results of that.

A Very Interesting Review

It is always good to hear about how our work has helped people.

This came from someone who contacted me and someway our work helped him.

Here's the review at Amazon: (click for source)

"Great book, helped provide life altering insight

A great and useful book with tons of useful info that, applied correctly, will help move the western magical tradition forward... or perhaps, arguably, backwards... but in a GOOD way... by bringing it back to it's pre-revival/reconstruction roots. Anyways, great book, and in a way unconnected, but equally important, to that last statement, one I credit with saving my life in a spiritual and material way.

Sounds dramatic, but I am quite serious. Basically, I was in an ATR (African Traditional Religion) that had gone in a very bad direction, and really had even before I was initiated into it. The situation, as best as I can see it (with clarity now)is that people entering it would be helped with a few issues... and then, almost imperceptibly, over time, their lives would go down hill... drama, trouble, broken relationships, a lack of prosperity etc etc etc etc etc... but this would happen in a way similar to that concept that a frog being dropped into boiling water will jump out automatically, but one placed in water that is slowly heated to boiling won't know his goose is being cooked until it is too late.

I was almost that frog/goose... but: the quick version is that something nudged me to get this book (and the one I got was the original printing hardback... so it was expensive, especially for me at that moment in time)... and then something nudged me to read, and re-read, and pay extra special attention to one particular entry :
"Offerings in Ceremonial Magick and African Traditional Religions" by Gilberto Strapazon
This particular essay describes, amongst other thins, everything that can go wrong in the ATRs in terms of corrupt priests, spirits that pose as one thing but are actually another, etc etc etc... and the problems that this can bring into the life of those caught up in such a situation.
reading and re-reading this started to wake me up, a little bit, to some of the ways in which I had been conditioned in and by the mess I had got caught up in... and mess is an understatement, as my life had gone to hell in a hand basket. I ended up getting a reading from Gilberto, something that I was also nudged into by some unseen force looking out for me that was doing it's best to communicate with me through all of the negative noise that had taken over my so-called life. The one-two punch of this essay and the reading I purchased from Gilberto further opened my eyes... though it still took a long time for all the info and truth to sink in (It's sad to admit this, but I had been heavily conditioned and brainwashed, via spiritual social means), but it eventually did. I left that house, and have felt a tremendous weight of sorrow, confusion and trouble lifted off of my shoulders.
As such, I am grateful for this book, and particularly the inclusion of that essay, and the book occupies a place of honor high up on my book shelf.

I recommend that anyone getting involved in, or already involved in spiritual work get and read this book, and particularly that essay, it just might save you a lot of trouble."


Thanks for that and wish so many people discover more about how we can use offerings without being caught at traps, but to use the better of the magick art to improve their works. 


PS - As usual, sorry for bad english. The funny is people have been able to understand it.


sábado, 24 de março de 2018

Alguns Exemplos de Consultas

Exemplo de consulta em PDF e podem ser muito maiores.

Alguns Exemplos de Consultas

Frequentemente as pessoas me perguntam sobre como são minhas consultas de Tarot por e-mail e me dei conta que muitos gostariam de algo um pouco mais visual. Veja, é um trabalho que faço à distância para pessoas do mundo inteiro, tenho clientes em todos continentes. Então eu preciso estar fazendo algo bem feito com certeza pois não tenho a pessoa na minha frente.
Então peguei imagens de algumas dessas leituras, a partir do resultado final em PDF e postei alguns exemplos para que se veja o quão grande esses trabalhos são.

Veja nesse link sobre Alguns exemplos das minhas consultas de Tarot
Será que algo assim vale a pena para quem está realmente buscando aprender sobre um caminho ocultista, espiritual ou na magia?

People often ask me about my Tarot readings I do by email and I realize that many would like something a bit more visual.
So I took pictures of some of these readings from the final result in PDF and I posted some examples to see how great these works are.
Article in portuguese, use the Translate button.


sexta-feira, 2 de março de 2018

Goetia Circle - Hebrew Names - A new Mathers and Crowley version

Photo by Redbubble presenting my work. Unknown model name.

Goetia Circle with Hebrew Names 

A new Mathers and Crowley version

We are at 2018 year and this is my new version for the Mathers and Crowley circle.

For long time people has asked for a version of the Goetia circle presented by S.L. “MacGregor” Mathers and Aleister Crowley.

This is another work of mine entirely done in high resolution vector art and it is not that scanning and enlarging of old images as we see anywhere.

At advanced magician's groups we already knew about some errors even at the original sources, so this took a time for research to check as much as possible to fix the problems.

The only change I made by myself, was adding a serpent drawn at the background, not just the classic simple one people see anywhere, and trying to observe the scale of colors related to the area between the two main circles.

This is the original Mathers version:

Just to remember, S.L. Mathers himself observed:
“…The coiled serpent is only shown in one private codex…”

So he did not suggested any color to the serpent. At A. Crowley edition the same comment is kept.

So what we see around about serpent colors are personal opinions and here I choose mine too.

About the names in the circle.

The names in the circle comes from Agrippa’s Scale of Ten.

Here, from Joseph H. Peterson published at Esotericarchives and his great book, "The Lesser Key of Solomon": 

...In the Mathers/Crowley edition the letters around the perimeter of the circle are transcribed into Hebrew letters. 
"In English letters they run thus, ... + Ehyeh Kether Metatron Chaioth Ha-Qadesh Rashith Ha-Galgalim S.P.M (for 'Sphere of the Primum Mobile') + Iah Chokmah Ratziel Auphanim Masloth S.S.F. (for 'Sphere of the Fixed Stars,' or S.Z. for 'Sphere of the Zodiac') + Iehovah Elohim Binah Tzaphquiel Aralim Shabbathai S. (for 'Sphere') of Saturn + El Chesed Tzadquiel Chaschmalim Tzedeq S. Jupiter + Elohim Gibor Geburah Kamael Seraphim Madim S. of Mars + Iehovah Eloah Va-Daath Tiphereth Raphael Malakim Shemesh S. of the Sun + Iehovah Tzabaoth Netzach Haniel Elohim Nogah S. of Venus. + Elohim Tzabaoth Hod Michaël Beni Elohim Kokav S. of Mercury + Shaddaï El Chai Iesod Gabriel Cherubim Levanah S. of the Moon +..."

Observe Mathers and Crowley used Ratziel instead of Jophiel at S.S.F. This is the only major change they did.

Another change they did was Raphael for the Sphere of the Sun and Michael for Mercury. This is not an error, just both arcangels have both atributions like we found at the Heptameron.

Here a more recent version found anywhere at internet. This have some errors at names and green and red was used for the serpent. For sure some idea related to a personal work.

About the corrections/changes I made at hebrew names. 

Most of the errrors I found was because the available images are low-resolution, even at the books due bad print quality.
With time and internet poor quality scans, such errors increased from copy to copy, including some people "creating" very strange explanations due their laziness for a decent research.

So let's point the differences I have found. The first hebrew word at left is the version I found to be right. Next I point what I found and we can observe the difference and why. I used color red to point the wrong part in my opinion. Some I just point the proper word as the originals are not clear.

At the SPM:

חקדש - Ha-Qadesh. I found some versions using  .חקדוש

At Sphere of Zodiac:

רזיאל - Mathers and Crowley version use Raziel, At the original text they wroteציאל ר  so we see there's a mistake.  יופיאל  - Jophiel was used at the classic version with greek names and I found some hebrew versions using this schema.
  אופנים   - Auphanim. 

At Sphere of Sun:
יהוה  - IHVH, Jehovah. Some versions just miss it. A simple basic error due lack of atention while copying.
 ודעת אלוה - Eloah Va-Daath.

At Sphere of Venus:
הניאל - Haniel.
 נוגה  - Venus. I found versions using נוה  but this is very Ok, not an error.

Observe netzach is writen at different order too.

At Sphere of Mercury: 
אלהים  בני     - Beni Elohim.

At Sphere of Moon: 
חי  שדי אל  - Shadai-El-Chai. At some versions is wrongly written as שדיאלחאי

כרובים   - Cherubim. At the most recent versions with a color printed circle, we see this as כחבים and is clear that was because the original bad drawing quality without checking the proper name.

The result

Remember, hebrew is writen right to left:

About the Colors Schema

Here S.L. Mathers and Aleister Crowley keep the same text: 
"...Colours. - The space between the outer and inner circles, where the serpent is
coiled, with the Hebrew names written along his body, is bright deep yellow. The
square in the centre of the circle, where the word “Master” is written, is filled in with
red. All names and letters are in black. In the Hexagrams the outer triangles where
the letters A, D, O, N, A, I, appear are filled in with bright yellow, the centres, where
the T-shaped crosses are, blue or green. In the Pentagrams outside the circle, the
outer triangles where “Te, tra, gram, ma, ton,” is written, are filled in bright yellow,
and the centres with the T crosses written therein are red.”...

So no green serpent anywhere. To be clear, I never found a decent text explaining why someone made a green serpent. The only I found was copies of previous texts and only God knows what was the source for that. If someone have a decent source to point, please, send me a message with it.


The result of this work is a new high resolution vectorial art draw I made and is available at:

For sure, you must add your own effort. Magick results come from your homework, not just miracles without effort.

This is a professional work so I expect for serious users.
So, please, do not ask me for spells, rituals or how to use this work.

Main sources I used to make this version:

Ms Sloane 2731 – Clavicula Solomonis – British Library Manuscript collection
Ms Sloane 3648 – Clavicle of Solomon – British Library Manuscript collection
The Lesser Key of Solomon (Lemegeton) – Joseph Peterson at Esotericarchives.com
The Lesser Key of Solomon (Goetia) – S.L. “MacGregor” Mathers and Aleister Crowley.
Three Books Of Occult Philosophy - Henry Cornelius Agrippa.
Whatever of images of the circle with Hebrew names (with serpent or not) found at internet as possible.

February, 2018
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