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sexta-feira, 7 de julho de 2017

Making the Goetia Circle

Goetia Circle

Making the Goetia Circle

Times ago these images was posted at Aaron Leitch's Solomonic group may be of interest to people, so I will comment a bit more about the process.

Making your magic tools is always an interesting work not only because the magic area you chose.
Each area have many to study and learn.

In no ways magic is just to learn phrases and words by mind, but you need to understand what is the purpose, why it is done and for what it is needed.

Citing a Rufus Opus comment, when you are doing the Work, this means you have to work too!

And all work you do will add power to your magic works.

Be sure all spirits, angels, daemons, etc. will know if you did your part too.
So always is good to remember: the magician must do his/her part too and not act like a parrot. 

Even if you are not skilled for such craft works, whatever you do, with a sincere intent, at your best capabilities will add a lot of power to any magic you do.

We too often comment how much is important to be respectful with the spirits, and the same way such spirits have to be respectful with you!

So, to do your homework is the first part of any magic works.

I commented about the skills we have or not.
Be sure I have really bad hands for craft works.
Even so, some I find better to do by myself as I can.

I'm not the only with bad hand skills, nor with the proper needed capabilities to some activites, like metal works and jewerly some people have.
For such cases, it's Ok to pay someone to make that for you. Here, is your sincere work to get the needed money and to go after the best one you can pay to make that tools for you.

A serious sincere work add respect and power to what you do. Even if you need to pay with the most sincere but humble resource for that. In no way I told you to stop feeding yourself nor your family for that. Just do what you really can at best, but no masochism is needed!

Well, watching by myself my results when I do some hand works may be a kind of masochism too... Ok, I have self-criticism... I'm kidding. In practice is a work of love.

Well, I know my craft workings are not so nice, nor so perfect. But be sure I used the most I can, tryed the most I can and most of times, I worked a lot more than other people needed to get something.
Time is power too.
That was the same when I made my Triangle of Art. That costed a lot of times jsut for the basics.

Going to work

So here my working to make my Goetia circle and wish inspire more people to do the hard way needed to get the deserved results..

First I researched about the names in the circle, their meanings, related texts, psalms, etc. There are some differences so I had to study more and found my own decision about.

I researched the books and articles from other magicians and advanced forums like the StudioArcanis, currently we found to be the best at the area.

This was many years ago, took some six months and I discovered many authors unknown in my country, find other works and articles at so many blogs too. Very interesting when you ask to your spiritual guides to help the work and each day find more and more to read, study and learn from other's experiences.

I collected a lot of material that time studying this and that ideas plus observing who was the ones behind that and how they was working with that. This is important to observe, as some people will find better to make their practices this or that way so one need to think for himself for the decisions to do. In no way such are final decisions, as we always can learn and change something as our works goes on.

This included going after some original grimoires sources to observe what they did and compare with modern studies too.

Ms Sloane 2731 - Clavicula Solomonis Goetia Circle
Ms Sloane 2731 - Clavicula Solomonis Goetia Circle
Source: BritishLibrary Manuscript collection

Finally, observing my own idea to go most at the original sources, I found better to my purposes the same J.Peterson published at Esotericarchives - The Lesser Key of Solomon (Lemegeton).

I love scholar's work such this site, one of first and still the best IMHO. I always say to people I'm more about practical work. I have to study all that for sure, just I have not all the patience they have to compile all that to make their work. It's a serious needed task and they deserve my full respect.

That time I was already doing some basic Goetia works, with very interesting and positive results.
To cite, the method used was the one most people know as the "Red Triangle" by Devi Spring and former based in the original Aghor Pir's work. It sure works and is really very interesting. It uses the daemolanators Enn's chants. Just in my point of view, it's not the same as a former ritual and it does not have all the resources for protection for initial contacts with unknown daemons for you, nor about intrusive spirits as that ones appears sometimes.

So I wanted more in the same way as I always did in all my previous works like the spiritual areas and that resulted to experiences that really few in the world have done. 
Anyone who is after the modern works like Aaron Leitch, Rufus Opus, Brother Moloch and others will have lots of excelent material to study from their former practices, not just theory. I say, solid teachings from people who paid the price for their learnings and know very well what they are talking about.
Nobody learns alone, the nature already is a great teacher, but this way can take a long time. So you can learn from people who went serious into their work, not just for sel-promoting, listen, read, study all you can so this will add to your personal findings and discoveries.

Where are the materials?

Since I found was the time to make a former circle, at the same time I was researching the proper words and symbols, I went after the most simple part: The simple fabric cotton I found to be better to use. 
Guess what? I live in a city with more than 1.5 million people. For many months no store had brute cotton fabric to sell!
Curious, uhm? That happens when the spirits put you under test too. If you want, you may work for it. So I went at many stores, at all places. Until someday I found it again. Just for curious, at same time all other stores had the material I needed too.
This is not a punishment in no way as many religions use to claim and this way make people to feel guilty even because they have sex with their wife or husband.
No way! Just happens!
But when such happens you may know to use such event for your own power. So as soon I perceived something was blocking, I went to each try reciting my prayers, talking with the spirits I found better to help about and making clear my intent.
All this added power to the final result. So remember: all your effort will be part of the final deserved result.

To find proper fabric inks was not so difficult, but I had to learn and research a bit more about how to use it too.


As the previous house I was had a lesser room, I needed to adjust the circle size, so I made it small, just 1.4m (4.5ft).

The day I finally started the hand work part, it had first a former prayer evoking God and all spiritual guidance for it.

For all following days, as part of the works, during all painting process I always started with lighting a candle and prayer for God, asking the blessing for the work being done.
This took an entire month. I told I'm very bad at hand works, so it was slow, and I have my own pain in back troubles to deal too. Most people will do it in 1-2 weeks.

The fabric was washed and all the paints I used was consecrated.
 The first was to have an idea about where and how to place the symbols. So I printed that to observe over the fabric and made initials notes.

My Goetia Circle - Checking symbols positions

Ok, learned how to fix the fabric in the ground and to use a string to make the circle using a proper fabric pen to draw the circle:

My Goetia Circle - Starting the draw

The next was near easy, I had to choose a characters size and drawn by hand. Here just free hand, so the result was some tremble, but Ok.

My Goetia Circle - Writing words

Following until complete it:

My Goetia Circle - Initial draft ready to paint

Then I fixed it at the wood wall to make easier to paint. You will note I had some mistakes and needed to use white paint to correct it.

My Goetia Circle - Painting process

And the final result:

My Goetia Circle - Finished

When it was finished, I kept it for some days more at the wall, waching for some other paint errors I was not aware, and always asking the blessings of God to the work done. And I liked just to be looking at it and thinking.

As I commented at start, not that kind of so very nice artcraft, but a work of mine and this is also a true offering to present to the spirits I'm working with.

After that, I did the consecration of the circle. There are the names of God, angels, etc, so each one have a proper psalm and meaning to recite. Used oil over it for a proper blessing ritual and only then it was used the first time.

My Goetia Circle and Triangle of Art

The circle is not the 9ft former size, but is Ok. The works done with it helped me to be at a new house with the needed space, so when I can I can I will do a new 9ft size.

Work done and be sure, a serious stronger difference at the rituals and the ways I got results and replies from all spirits I have been working.


terça-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2017

The Numerology for 2017

Photo by: Rynn (Nightfest)  - USA

The Numerology for 2017

Note: this text will receive some revision in the next days.
(Last edited Feb,9,2017)

We started 2017 with many world events happening, but most was expected, like events in the politics areas, companies doing this or that, people arguing about so many different ideas.

In practice I won’t say thing are not changing. Be sure things will always will change. But the direction is not due global events, as they in practice started at each one acting into his/her personal world and that added to others until that result in big movements.

Everything Is A Cycle
Art by Teagan White - USA
There are cycles in life:
Natura non facit saltus! From Latin: “Nature does not makes jumps!”

This to remember all natural things and change gradually with time. Season's cycles, people you knew and become an adult and you was unaware of it. The tree you saw as a small herb in the middle of the grass grown and now have fruits.

Most of times people does not pay attention to all intermediate events happening, just remember a previous time until something happens and they discover to be far away from the source events.
Each year is just a continuation from the previous, with some remainder energies and new incoming events that will be affected and be observed in different points of view just because you are also changing.

Some background: 

I had commented for years about my vision on the numbers for each year, and glad almost everything I told have been right, including the income years like after that 2012 apocalypse time.See the 2012 Numerology.

That time I was pointed to talk about some future world events. I had commented more at the forums too. Even if I don't like to do any kind of prophecy, I had to do that time as a strong warning and most to people at spiritual areas, mainly the ones at higher levels, because the decades and even two centuries to come. The world is going into that and each year we see that more and more.

Just to remember, we are going each year more and more into the mixing of many practices and religions with other ideas and concepts. Each year information is easier to get anywhere and even the most remote places will be affected someway due this.
And this is not only in the spiritual areas, but also at politics, science, culture, etc. At all places people are collecting information and using it someway, creating some good mixes, but some others not so.
Even at some very fanatics areas we see they using new resources and methods that are against even their self-proclaimed principles, just with the excuse of something be needed. Just hypocrites and opportunists.  
For example, in my country we have a lot of evangelic churches and many of them have been using practices I recognize at once as proper from the African Traditional Religions. Modern practitioners of the traditional areas of Western Magic also have been using methods and techniques from very different sources.No need to cite the cruel terrorists who use anything to show they are just cowards.

In the next years, politics, technology, science, etc. are going to become to be confuse areas too. We’ll find many of them adopting practices from other areas and many, even if with a sincere desire to do the good for others, in practice results in more problems that people are not thinking about just because they does not observe what is the real source of such things.

Art by Mario Sánchez Nevado - Spain
As 2017 is a number 1 year, we'll see more of this at both sides: some people will be more on acting than thinking while others will be "doing" instead of just acting.  
There are many examples at many areas. At technology companies we'll see more and more a stagnation due some company leaders looking only for gain and lacking to care the minds behind the busines. It's just a matter of times of busines collapse due lack of knowledge. If you don't preserve the professionals who know how and what to do, be sure the newbies will not replace them just because they won't find people to teach them. Newbies can be cheap, but are the olders who keep business with a background and able to be moving.

The spiritual confusion also acts at the society level, I say not just the magicians and witches, but every common people is under such mixing of ideas and practices. Remember most people even without any kind of spiritual practice, are most of times ruled by them. Even if they are not part of some religions, the leaders, business people and governs, most of all times have guidance from people at the spiritual and magic areas. 
The result will be a confusion and that in no ways will be good. We are going fast into a kind of spiritual dark age and in my point of view, in just one more decade things can be really very worse.

This is why I pointed that time to the higher ones to become prepared to support people, to be able to be a light to others and be able to fight against the confusion and work to restore a better level of consciousness but this also will need some decades more.

So let's be moving to act with creativity and to develop our lives!

And now at 2017 we are entering again is a number 1 year, a time for action, changes and even new cycles.
Like the others, this is not a numerology study for each people, but it is about the global energies around for this year, so each one may have an idea how things at global levels will be acting so they can think better how to deal with that.

Even if the energy is global, still you have to work locally, as an individual. No matter what you do, even if you are the President of a big company, a farmer or a salesman, you have your own path and the way you care of your life is what matter.
Each one have a personal path. So in the same way the personal numerology is different even for people who born at the same day as commented at previous articles. You have your family and geographic/social influences acting. Who you was at previous lives, the kind of activities you will be attracted for, your personal evolution. All this matters.

This is one reason why I add comments about the personal numerology at the full readings I do, as the way I work, is not only the Tarot. In practice, I use often use both techniques as I’m talking about how the person is and how that numbers affect the way each event is perceived and how to deal with that. So for sure, the ideal is each one have a personal study for each year, to have a specific analysis of the energies and have better ideas about how to deal with that.

To repeat, no matter the main year number, each one have their own ways to deal with that and a personal path.
This 2017 year will be again a strong example to deal and observe.

The Numbers for 2017

In the numerology 2017 will be a number 1 but this time, not only a simple number 1.

In my vision this year is a pure number 10 (2+1+7=10 an then 1 + 0 = 1) and this add a lot to events and powers related to world events under the western calendar.

Note as in numerology, we sum all digits until get a result. For some years we'll get for example (19 so 1 + 9 = 10 and only then 1 + 0 = 1). But some at some years we have a direct 10 at the first sum result and this is the difference. In this example, I would study the 19, not the 10.

A pure 10 is a powerfull number for any enterprises, at any area. Be personal, companies, countries, etc.

This means I pay special attention to a pure number 10.
The previous one was 2008 (2+0+0+8=10). Just remember how many global changes happened and the results of that we see until today. Many companies and countries even recovered or was able to deal with the changes because that time. See the comments about the spiral of evolution later to get more about this.
We usually see comments about the numbers 1 to 9. But there are some specials. And the number 10 is one of that.

Let’s comment first the basic aspects of the number 1. This is what most people will get.

The 1 means action. To make. To do.
And the number 1 is the start of a new cycle.
What new cycle and action have in common? A new cycle is a movement, the initial step that need to be continued. So this means action.
In general, the 1 is a new cycle of events and related to the learnings of the previous year, always a number 9 when we had plans do make, choices to complete.

Things start at the number 1 and grown each year until the 9 and energy will change the way each personal aspect and life events receive different energies and also change perceptions about the multiple life’s aspects.
For sure new beginnings can be changes in life as the previous are complete or reached the point for a new goal.
Is always good to re-evaluate your goals and this is a good time for this and act.
Sometimes what is needed is to face your fears and change the way you see that.

The same way the number 1 is very positive, due the action power, it also have a negative aspect: to be unable to act, let fears take control even become rigid and this is something that can last for a long if not changed.

So the first idea is about a year about acting and for new beginnings. Finish with the old behind and continue for evolution.

Action At All And With All!

Plan A
Image by Essa Al Mazroee - United Arab Emirates
Now some about action in my point of view.
I repeat often, I'm not a scholar. I'm a practitioner.
For sure I read a lot, search a lot of antique material, even do a lot of research to decode ancient practices.
I just have not "that" patience to make all that compilations and write nice academic works.
I write the same way I speak in public. As needed, I go after some source to cite, but nothing more most of times.
I like to be in the front area, working, acting. I'm a kind of warrior.
I'm glad to see how many fantastic works our modern scholars have presented.
And the ones I respect more are working really hard in the practice too. 
It's just a matter of choice.
One and other time you will find a text of mine a bit more at that level. But it's rare.
I realy love to find the energy moving, to be at any time and at each day working.

Salute the new day, care of home and pets while doing a prayer, talk to neighbors and seeing how to help on their needs, observe how the clouds are moving and calling some deities about it, taking the needed time for university lessons, preparing material for a ritual, commenting to some people about how to deal with this or that, doing your job. All this is action!

Whatever you do daily to to improve your life is action!

See, just to repeat the same is just keep the same.
Work to do it better!
I do my bread for three decades and I'm not satisfied! I'm not a good cooker. Because this sometimes I have a needed rest and buy ready bread. Then after a time, I get the work again, study what I'm doing wrong and move again to do a better bread.
Most of of times I do a very good bread, but sometimes that's goes wrong. And some goes very wrong! LOL...   So I work to see what I changed to make it better.
I'm not after a bread of acceptable quality as most do. This is easy, just repeat the same recipe and never try something new.

Get this? Just to repeat is not action. That is only simple repetition.
I'm not after that!

Just to repeat is the same as never learn and never have a real action!

If you want a real result, your action must start at 100% as I learned in the 90s.
You need commitment as a main part of life and spirtual development.
You must action by yourself, never because someone.
The only real commitment is with your own development, your own spiritual evolution. 
That is all counts in life.

The difficult thing is to value this and who maintains their commitment.
Many large companies lose their best employees every day because of this.
Thanks for the comments I had received in years from people of value, yes, I really did all those things spoken in the lectures and a lot more one and other time I cite about the fantastic experiences I had.
I'm not after fashion social aspects nor Harry Potter fantasy tales.

What you have to get is the action energy to reach the real goals you pointed.

How Jupiter would appear at our horizon.
Art by Ron Miller - National Air and Space Museum’s Albert Einstein Planetarium.

What are your goals?

This works the same way in magic and for any area in life.

A common phrase we see a lot, is "all fingers point to the Moon".
But why the Moon as you can point your fingers to any planet and star?
You may be serious to point and do all the needed action to reach your goal!

The fingers are not important. What matter is the goal!

This is again the energy you got from this 2017 year, a number 1 presenting lots of opportunities to grow your life acting to reach higher levels.

And here about scholar work.
They do a great job, be sure.
I repeat, thanks to all the good scholar ones and more to all the good practitioners ones!

But to be in the working area, to be a practitioner after results is not the same as just being a scholar or a simple airmchair one. 

There's the needed theory and the more needed practice.
We are part of the whole magic world. 

Even the best scholars I know who also are practitioners can't assure results in magic.
I knew fantastic cookers who did even a bread very wrong, like mine! And be sure they are people I fully respect.
This is why as anything in life, nobody can assure results in magic!
It's impossible!
We deal with our own aspects plus all the others people events.

Citing Aleister Crowley "Every man and every woman is a star".
We are around a very small star, our Sun. 
Think we have billions plus billions of stars and galaxies just in the visible area. Each one is so diferent going to the most absurd level of our humble idea about the Universe.
Think the energy the people far away, around the giant stars may have!

Just think on this: we are part of a small solar system, in the remote border of this Galaxy.
Now think there are places in the Universe where the lowest energy they know is what we see as being the most sublime Love.
For sure there are placer even darker than here, but let that out as the most evil idea is far away from that.

Action is a power to increase, develop, to make.

Work to do!
Act using all your learnings each day to make it better.
Act to study and discover new horizons!
Act to be free and someday, you really become a true Star in this universe!

Now let's comment some aspects of the number 10.

As a kind of primary master number, the 10 means an entire cycle happening at once.
We have the power of the number 1 for "to do".
The number 10 is the big action, the enterprise level of events at any area.

To make it simple, a cooker with the number 1 will learn to do good food, even will have a restaurant. But a cooker with the number 10, will create a food company, or became a master chief even with a network of good restaurants.
A musician with a number 1, will learn to play well and be a good musician. The number 10 will become a great maestro or make new music style.

For sure there many other ways the combination of different numbers in the personal numerology will also result in big works. This is just one.

When the number 10 happens, it brings more power to drastic changes, big inventions, large steps ahead at any area.

This will be a year for big events, big works happenings. For good or bad.

And big works won't be invisible.
We'll see big companies growing due good products the same way we'll see other big companies going into big disasters. Both sides of the same energy.

The ones with big tasks todo will face a lot of such events. Not all good, not all bad and many in the middle area.

A negative aspect of the number 10 in a personal numerology is this can even lead lack of scruples. Which means that some will use this energy to achieve great results regardless of who they are going to harm and how they did it.

In a global scale, the same negative aspect will be working at some big shit happening. 

But again, none of this will be invisible. Big names will be exposed due the good or bad acts.

The Spiral of Evolution

The ideas of the numbers 1 and 10 are related with life cycles too.
There are many cycles in life. The wheel of the year, the seasons, the personal life, our planet moving around the Sun, etc.

The idea of doing something must be with the intent of complete the task.
And doing a task is a minor cycle as part of others major cycles. 

If you go to the school, each year is a cycle while the complete degree is a major cycle.
If you have bad results at the final exams each year, you may repeat all that again until you are able to level up to the next level until you finish the course.

For sure there are many types of cycles, some last seven years, others like the numerology is just 10 years, others are the centuries, etc.
The most visible is the annual cycle of life.

Another interesting example, is the seven years cycle of life:

People at the ages:
  • 0-7 are babies. 
  • 8-14 are children. 
  • 15-21 are teenagers. 
  • 22-28 become adults. 
  • 29-35 are mature. 
  • Then the cycle start again but in my point of view with a difference. The cycle start at children level: So at 36-42 they become children again and want explore everything as new. 
  • 43-49 they become again teenagers. Just remember the famous 40's crisis. Due the same reason, is very common to many women at this phase to be very closer to thir daughters about men, sharing clothes and even disputing atention from guys. 
  • 50-56 a new adult time when people create and are very productive. 
  • 57-63 the second mature phase. 

Here things change again, and the new cycle start at teenager's time!
  • So 64-70 is common at some places such people just wanting to be very social. Parties and all that stuff. 
  • 71-77 to become adult again.
And so on.
For sure, the previous idea add life experience at each level. And as noted, at each new level, that start one point following the sequence until at final, the only repeating is the mature level.

Do the work or you will have it again!

Not all people pay atention why some events in their lives appears to repeat.
A simple example is someone who jump from one love relationship to another and have the same kind of relation as before. Such people didn't learned and still keep after the same type of people.

When you complete a cycle, if you have not changed nor leraned, this means you will be at same level as before.

With no evolution, after some time events will just repeat, again and again.

But when people learn, grown, change their lives for better, they will level up, so after a time, when the cycle reach the same point they will be in an above level, and this makes the cycle become a evolutive spiral moving upwards.

Note, you still will be near the same places, but looking from a higher point of view. This is learning and developing conscioussness.

The previous two examples makes better to understand about the importante of doing and being responsible for your own acts.

Note: some people may fall in life. What they choose to do will lead for a decreasing spiral. This is not related to life concerns, but with the prsonal learnings and choices in life. Such ones at end of each cycle will fall more and more. Usually they are the ones who seek the evil in life and work only for destruction. I won't discuss such ones more.

New cycle, work to level up!

So the most important energy for a new cycle is to make, moving up!
So a number 1 year presents lots of opportunities do changes, start new activities, complete at once the previous and move forward.

This means power to strong transformations at all areas, personal, science, politics, economic, etc.

And due the power of the number 10 this add the idea on the upward spiral cited above.
The ones who level up, will have a wide vision, from a higher point of view. This is why many will comment this is a year for more spiritual awareness and development.

But remember I cited before about mixing of practices.
So at the same time many people will work more and better for spiritual development, at the same time, some will be mixing practices and instead of real growing, they will creating more confusion and the results won't be as the expected.

The more important is to know your own resources and develop yourself to make better decisions and act with a clear view about your life and the others.

Actions in this number 10 will be many times very strong.
So we can expect drastic events resulting from people and even governs works.

As we had many global changes in 2008, be sure many will be happening, but this will be different.

Many changes will happens like at once, but if you remember the cycles, and observe the previous events, you will find many of them was presenting to happens while others will be like decisions done under pressure.
The number 1 is not a "think so much" number. Is an "action" number. This is why many acts will appears to be choosen in an instant. And many will be so.
This is a reason for the importante of some spiritual development and to the people in the higher levels to pay more atention to others.
In no ways this means normal people may become a monk, each people have a personal path. Just will be very good for both sides pay atention to others.

With a bit of care, we'll see many progress, but at the same time, lower levels may be so closer due blind fast acts.

So is better to remember about the spiral of evolution and work the best at your own area to improve what you do, developing counsciousness and increasing life quality.

Use the energy and Go! 



domingo, 10 de abril de 2016

Ok, So You Think That Magick is So Simple?

You won't buy ready magick knowledge at store. Well, may be you was lucky that time when I was with friends blessing the doll to share love blessings.
(the perfume store's owner didn't know it). 

Ok, So You Think That Magick is So Simple? 

One and other time people really work hard to drive me nuts.
Compassion is not infinite, so one and other time is needed to be very clear and direct.

Most of people come to us due some personal reference, articles, foruns posts, etc.

I know there are many who will just use something like Google and try at blind and forget to look for references. Yes, they forget to use the same Google to search info about who is who. Ok.

So most often, they have some idea who I am and who others are.

Then people come to me asking for help or guidance, because some problem, pay for a reading and what happens?
Here the funny start. Well, some are not funny.

There are a lot of people who receive the needed information and we have a decent talk.
One or other time some additional magick work is done, here I'm including some hard cases, but if I accepted to do it, let's work.
Some like to come each year for a personal update for a new year or because new events in their lifes. They get what is needed, learn and follow on.

But sometimes.... people expect fantasies or are too deep on some pre-made ideas, like the ones they got at some cheap magazine. 

So, I got the inspiration to write about some sugestions I do, as some of that can appear simple.
Such solutions can have two different reasons:
1) I won't use an atomic bomb because a bug.
2) Need learning to know when to do it.

So be be sure I won't use a truck when a bike is the suffice or I can just walk.

So, in a reading I most often write a long text based on what I can talk in a one hour tarot (or any other oracle) reading (and I talk fast). Add many hours editing, adding comments, examples, etc.
That is sent to the client and... 

Well, remember, I'm commenting about the sttuborn, fantasy based ones,

Then I have some typical replies:

1) Oh no, my problem is not that! I'm sure I'm being attacked by the biggest dark forces!
Reply - Too often they are just under some kind of bug size problem, being anxious or fear and only need a herbs bath or stop with some bad habit.

2) Oh no, your proposal is too simple! I won't do that because my problem is too big and nobody knows what to do!
Reply - First they ignore a specific direct reply about what the problem is. Most of times they do nothing because they want something related with the size of their stupidy. They have not done the bigger options too and won't even try the simple direct solution I pointed.

3) Oh no, I didn't read your reply because I disagree it, but may be you can try this, that or whatever else?
Reply - A serious work can't be done by chance. There are two possible approachs: 1) The problem is something knew. 2) The problem have something that need to be explored, but again, knowing how to go after it.

When I point something, is my point of view and experience. For sure I don't know all, but I have some decades on many areas to recognize my limits when needed. 
So, if there are something to explore, I will point it by myself and explain what are the next steps to explore.
But a lot of times, most of all, I'm pointing some specific reason, what to do, why and how.

And some of that appears to be simple.

What is simple on magick?
It's something specific and clearly related with the results needed.

But in no way this is the same as a easy solution nor something cheap.

And see, simple is not the same as "basic".
For example, a basic candle magick is light a candle and do a prayer.
By other side, a simple candle magick is light a proper color candle, use a specific psalm at same hour for some days.

Most great inventions of mankind, including the art world, are simple.
Remember the Archimedean lever?
He risked his life for suggesting something so simple to his King.

And what is that? A rod and a point of support. That is simple.
And today we all know that the lever is a key part in all modern technology.

But finding a simple solution is not always easy.

To find a solution you first need to evaluate it.

And how you evaluate human life, social groups, companies and why and when magick is more or less related with the life needs?

This comes with learning and practice.

Information is useless without practice.
Practice without learning become only mechanic and lack the "art" to act in better ways.
Remember, good magick is not brute force.

To get magick power you must study, practice, review results, observe and learn from others works. And practice a lot for a long time.

So, many of that popular texts, including newage, witchcraft, mysticism, etc., are just a copy and paste, without the needed reasoning. You will find lots of examples, really generic on popular spells and ways to do this or that.
But where is the knowledge to say what you really needed?
It's like self-medication. It can be a big risk. The doctor is the one to tell you what is really needed. And some of them may goes wrong or need to work more on the case. 

Magick is not something you start today and tomorrow you are the Ooobaa-boobaaa Grand Magister. This is children fantasy tales. Or just charlatan easy talk (and I knew a lot).

One of the most important aspects of practice on magick is creating relationship with the spirits you work with.
Such relationship is not result of worship, or just repeating something like a parrot.
This comes from being respectfull with the spirits and receiving the same from them.
This is the first.
In no ways this means becoming slave of some spirit.
A spirit must respect you as friend or equals.
You never, but never are a pet for such forces.

Have you gone to some place where they does not respect the spirits or try to force you to be submissive? Some use sweety words, or even become your fake friends. Run from that like hell!

This is simple? Yes. But sometimes your life can become a hell despite you be sure to being respectfull at all areas and doing all the right things. Yes, spirits and people can be very persuasive.

Well, shit happens. I'm a kind of expert because I have been cheated a lot too. Hard times, learning under suffering. But I survived.

Many of the material I wrote about troubles and the risks when mixing magick practices at the "Ritual Offerings" book came as the result of learning under the worst conditions.
I had the most absurd strange events, learnings because under bloody and extreme suffering, being cheated, personal life destroyed, friends going crazy and companies going on severe trouble events, all due something used by fake priests and corrupted spirits trying to steal what we was doing.
And, this happened even with some decades of experience. Compassion can't be infinite. I was cheated and saw closer friends being harmed to learn that. And be sure that was not something simple to see what was happening and being unable to do more to avoid that.

Be sure, the nice moment photo at start does not show what was against us. We was on good times, near something better a lot. But things was going rotten under our feet and I had three years more living on hell to discover why things stopped working and why my friends got crazy too and we was even unable to talk. That was a severe storm that costed really a lot, a real fuck. And after that years, it still needed many years more after the hidden forces being revealed just to start a move to get rid of it. To be clear, more than a decade fighting against that. All because corrupted spirits and fake priests I trusted as friends and since the begining thinking I was learning something.

Note: I allow anyone who is a good decent person, a real priest/magician to do a reading about me to see if this is true. Be warned about that spirits will try to attack you trying to get a "feed" source.

Well, I really learned a lot of simple things that can prevent or even remove some really bad conditions. And 99,99% of that are not at any books nor most priests will talk to you.

Yes, I can talk because while I was being cheated, they forgot to take from me a previous secrecy compromise. So I can talk.
For sure, in respect with the good ones, there are things I won't comment and that are not related to this article nor the material for the book I posted.
The magickal world is really wide and have lots of nice and wonderfull things.

So, I'm today more aware about how things can turn to dark times but also, how many suffering can be avoid.
The most the troubles was worse, I learned after years that many of that have simple ways to solve using magick ways.
But until that, terrible times, doing all I was able to do, I had gone many times to hospitals at extreme sufferings with doctors going crazy because they had no idea what to do, absurds happening at all areas.
And this happened even with more than two decades of previous learnings at other areas before.

Because this too, I learned a lot of simple solutions. And that was paid with blood and suffering from many people I loved. It is simple?

Yes. That are simple when related to the specific point. Just use well the resources when needed.

At previous comment at item (3), I repeat a solution is not something to try by chance. Sometimes the events need to be explored.
Get this? In no ways "try to see what happens" is a good solution. It's like Russian roulette.

How much deeper I had explored? For sure not all, but I've gone in life where really few in the world have gone. I say the good and bad sides.  I knew wonders but also, many levels at the hell.
Be sure I know some who have gone further too and they deserve my full respect.

Even with all previous experiences, one or other time we can see something is really wrong, but the sources are hidden.
There are many ways to spirits and magick works got hidden. And what people do too. Just repeating, charlatans and scammers can do a real mess using manipulation. Some are real psychopats.

Some spirits are very good to show hidden things. But some things only will be seen if you have been at that area or know some of that area spirits. Who do you know at some of the Asian sorcery traditons? This have nothing with the nice meditation schools, most are far away from western practices.
As I cited spirits, this means some troubles need a formal ritual on magic to evoke spirits to help to find what's happening and this means a lot of resources and time to explore that. This example is not a case for a normal Tarot reading but one and other time, someone will really need this. And be sure it's not cheap as demand a lot of work. 

Back to the most "near" hidden sources that are not so difficult to find, we see that really many people can be cursed an entire life and not being aware of that. Some think they are unlucky, others have already a craz life and found to have a lot of troubles to be "normal".

A simple brush is the tool to created a work of art.
Photo by Lauren RW - USA
So the first level is what the client can see.

But the next level is what I can see.

People come after me because I see something they can't, using my inner vision, oracles like the Tarot plus decades of personal experience under extreme rosly trainings at few known paths.
And most of times I've replied to people just based on what I see. I explain that like a kind of psychometry, but related to any source of information.

The magicians vision (including intuition) is something each one develop in many different ways. This vary according with their expertize level, but even some magicians with strong powers may have not developed the same as others.
Reading oracles is not just learning symbols and repeating that like parrots. Each oracle is a door to the spiritual realm and is needed personal development for the capability to enter at that levels. The symbols meanings, are part of the knowledge to be explored in practice.

So, it's Ok. Lets follow.
One and other time the problem needs to be explored just because something is really hidden or the magician may have not knowledge about that area or the source used something trying to be hidden. Well, some are ridiculous while others can be, say, creative.
Yes, I say each area have proper symbols, meanings and at the spiritual planes, that can be really different. 
For example, at a reading some symbols of the oracle maybe unseen or not part of the magician training. As an example, a flying bird say nothing to a Wall Street executive but can means a lot for a shaman or a sorcerer.
And even with all information I get, sometimes there are some hidden things to be revealed during a ritual. This means I have to deal with that and this can cost me a lot. But this is part of the task with one and other exception when I will need to negotiate with the client. 

Get this? I will do the best I can, but not commit a personal suicide because the client.
I can warn about the danger, but I will not jump together in the abyss if the person insists on moving on.

For sure I don't know everything, but I have worked very deep in many areas to be confident on what I can do. If not, I'm the first to say I may need to explore it more or even, suggest someone else I know who will work better at that area.

Because all this I need to know what, for what, when and how things work.

What today is simple to many people have not been for centuries.

And the simple methods, are not  always related to complexity, difficult degrees.They are related with developing wisdom, good sense and the right time to use.

To finish: here another aspect a magician need to develop: to be simple.

And you, wanna reach that highs?

At the most higher levels, we discover the power of simple solutions.
Photo by Bernhard Siegl - Austria


quarta-feira, 4 de agosto de 2010

Nova Era: Convite às Mulheres

Nova Era: Convite às Mulheres

Gilberto Prabuddha

Os novo ciclo já começou fazem algumas décadas. A energia do planeta passa por uma mudança que move a vida.

Por milhares de anos a energia global esteve nas montanhas dos Himalayas e agora, transferiu-se para o outro lado do planeta, para a Cordilheira dos Andes.

E da mesma forma, depois de milhares de anos de energia masculina dominante, as mulheres estão iniciando um período de natural intuição e criatividade.

Se por um lado as mulheres, ou a porção feminina é criativa e intuitiva, os homens, ou a porção masculina é racional e lógica. Ambos em suas mentes e corpos funcionando de maneiras similares, mesmo que algumas feministas radicais ou algumas religiões e culturas arcaicas ainda queiram que a humanidade seja apenas comparada apenas por órgãos genitais.

Por que a criação, Deus, ou o universo, como queira chamar, perderia milhões de anos na polaridade, se apenas parte dela fosse um diferencial?

Homens possuem uma porção feminina, assim como as mulheres têm seu lado masculino.

É da natureza masculina a força bruta e é próprio da parte feminina a beleza e a criação. O quanto cada aspecto se manifesta indica o grau de evolução de cada ser.

Toda pessoa que utiliza sua criatividade, que a desenvolve de forma consciente, vai ter sua feminilidade estimulada e trabalhada. No caso das mulheres, como graça e beleza nos seus atos. Nos homens, como gentileza, suavidade.

Quando se estimula a energia de ação, o princípio masculino é exercitado, e faz com que o homem seja mais enérgico e a mulher, mais decidida e segura.

Um complementa o outro. E um é diferente do outro.

Se você olhar o símbolo do Tao, dos princípios Ying e Yang verá que se interpenetram e que dentro de cada um, está um pequeno círculo indicando a presença do outro em essência e semente. Um torna-se o outro.

No sexo tântrico, homem e mulher se fundem, e tornam-se um só. E conhecem Deus em si mesmos.

Mas a maioria da humanidade ainda está dividida, o processo de transformação e mudança para esta nova era, que já começou, não acontece do dia para a noite.

Nos pequenos atos de cada ser, estão contidas as pequenas chaves que abrirão as portas de cada célula de seu coração, cada partícula de sua energia para uma nova sintonia.

Vemos no mundo inteiro que as pessoas estão se agrupando, que existem de forma cada vez mais clara, os grupos místicos, igrejas e religiões com seu próprio conjunto de princípios e regras e crenças. Isto é um processo natural de sintonia das pessoas.

A religiosidade aos poucos está se manifestando de uma forma sutil e o fanatismo e intolerância aos poucos torna-se em compaixão e compreensão. Existem milhares e milhares de caminhos para Deus. E as pessoas estão dando-se conta que nada adianta preocupar-se se outra pessoa tem uma fé diferente da sua. O que está em conta, é se cada pessoa tem uma fé. E a fé é o princípio manifestado do amor. Ninguém tem fé em algo que não ame. O amor chega primeiro.

E o que é o amor? Energia feminina. Por isso as mulheres sempre são as primeiras a perceberem as mudanças. Normalmente são as mulheres que chegam primeiro quando surge um mestre. E os homens, quando chegam primeiro, é porque já descobriram sua intuição, ou já tem um grau suficiente de evolução.

Agora, depois de tanto tempo, a intuição que é uma energia feminina, confunde os homens. Porque? Porque o homem atua de forma racional, a frieza da lógica o limita a pensar em termos de passo A, depois o passo B, o passo C, e em força bruta. Já a intuição, junta tudo de uma vez só e apresenta um resultado instantâneo. E isto vêm junto com um sentimento de feminilidade. É natural então que os homens confundam-se quando algo dentro deles comece a falar com uma certeza irritante e completamente desconcertante.

Isto não é fragilidade. É o princípio divino surgindo. E reconhecer a própria fraqueza é um parte do processo de cura e evolução.

Graça e beleza, juntam-se à força.

Os modelos de boneca, princesinha indefesa e Cinderela, já não servem mais. Temos a doçura e a beleza, mas que surgem de forma integrada e num nível maior de evolução.

Então, o convite que faço a todas mulheres, é que usem a intuição, para lembrar que os homens estão renascendo, que algo muito grande está surgindo.

Vocês estão vendo nascer uma nova civilização planetária e são abençoadas por isso. A benção de poder participar de forma ativa neste processo e escolher por si seus caminhos e ajudar no parto destas novas crianças.

Da mesma forma, as mulheres também estão mudando. O que se passa, é que a mulher é a própria flexibilidade, mas o homem é rígido, por isso, quebra facilmente. Uma mulher com dores atrozes continua trabalhando e cuidando dos demais. Um homem com um simples resfriado fica de cama completamente frágil e indefeso. E estes extremos aos poucos vão se fundir, não numa raça hermafrodita, porque o sexo é absolutamente natural, mas chegarão a um estado de equilíbrio e colaboração mútua.

Desta colaboração já surgem as novas crianças, que de uns poucos anos para cá, todos percebem serem muito mais inteligentes. É delas este mundo. E é nosso trabalhar e desfrutar dele também.

Através da meditação entramos em sintonia com o silêncio, com a energia universal. Descobrimos o Sol e a orientação divina. Percebemos a chegada do mestre e sentimos a energia de cada flor que nos agracia com sua suavidade.

A meditação em grupo nos possibilita trabalhar para que todos alcancem um grau maior de percepção, pela multiplicação da energia envolvida.

De certa forma, estamos nos tornando como anjos, de carne e osso, mas plenamente conscientes de que primeiros devemos trabalhar na terra, cuidando de nossos corpos, de nossas casas, nosso trabalho, e formando assim, a estrutura de que precisamos para ancorar na terra esta nossa realidade, nossa própria criação.


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