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sábado, 15 de julho de 2017

Free Online or Doing Readings For Yourself With Quality

Giorello by Araminta.

Free Online or Doing Readings For Yourself With Quality

Many times in life we need to do a reading for ourselves or get a free reading.

Be sure I needed it a lot of times as I'm a normal human being and sometimes I was not able to pay for a professional work with the ones I respect a lot due their vision.

At another post I comment more about Reading for Yourself. How Ensure Objectivity in Personal Readings?

Now I will add more about and using thre readings at internet or something elese. 

When we have a personal reading the first is the ideas about how the symbols are presented by someone else doing it for us. And since the beginning in the 70s, I used to observe the cards and symbols to get what they was looking for. So I was looking to the cards and symbols presented, not just to the person behind me. This helped me to learn very early about the "general image" idea for a reading, not just the former texts, but how that was like a kind of "scenario" to the situation presented.
As I had working for my spiritual developmente early, with time I was able to "sense" when there was a real "ray of light" coming from some spiritual level or not.
Since the first readings I had, I loved a lot the ones where I learned about what their was doing just observing the way and how some shown to be so great. Like to learn how to do a great reading just using only one card and I posted about at the post "Extreme Tarot Readings and Some of The Art Behind It".

A great Oracle/Tarot reading is not that one when you only listen "easy words", but when it really present what you need to know, why and for what. Another reason with time I found to work in my personal works to study and develop myself to present "guidance", instead of just talking about current events nor to be limited to the symbols I get during a reading.

Reading for yourself. Keep out of the interpretation!

When we do a reading for ourselves the better is to work as doing a reading to someone else, an unknown one.

Why? Think for a moment.

May be the first problem reading for yourself is the "lust for results"?

No! The first matter, not a problem is you need to have courage to deal with it.

Courage! You must be like a spiritual warrior after your own freedom, your life!

To many people (adepts of sin IMHO) talk that is not good to try a reading for yourself. Some texts I had read even goes really worst and try to say it's like a "sin" if you do a reading for yourself.

I fully disagree. 

The main challenge is when you do a reading for yourself, and too often you will be lusting for results.
We are humans, so why not have the desire for a "nice reply"? But is needed to be ready to accept things can be different and so have the needed courage to accept it.

The same as using an online tool for a reading at internet, this means you must be able to be apart, and think more about what you got.

So, always get the first reading to study. Be using your own cards or an online tool.

Think about this phrase: "if you want to see, be ready to what you get".

For sure there are a lot of bad online tools. Or better, there's a lot of really very bad online tools.
Not much different if you is not skilled at oracle reading and try using it by yourself without studying more.

If you are studying an oracle and doing your own reading, never feel shame to have your books aside to research more about what you get.
If you are not using such online tools, you is the one taking the cards, uhmmm, not really the same. You have to get the first cards and meditate serious about what you got.
This is a personal reading. Have the courage to accept what you are getting.

Courage is needed to do your own path in life.
Is needed to remember each own may have a personal war to deal, so what is really big to someone may appears easy to another.

No matter if is a personal reading done by yourself or an online reading. You must observe your first feelings about until you get confidence even at your guts too,

This is the basic to have some idea about doing a reading for yourself.

Reading machine from the Big movie.

Some Online Oracles

Now I will cite some online oracle tools I found with these years and I really like that.

My main suggestions is: Always take the first reading, no matter if you dislike it.
Ok, I found some online tools will be extreme wrong, and this is how I got the list I will present bellow. Meanwhile, as you do your own experiences, you must use a different online tool to check, never the same.

But do not repeat the same asking to the same oracle. The only acceptable is asking: "please, explain the previous message"or "please, explain more about such aspect show".
BUT never, never ask a new reading for the same question, be at your own reading or an oracle online tool.

For an interesting point I observed to be very serious: the I-Ching, no matter how you use it, when people want to ask the same thing again, it is very famous to present a warning reply about "not being serious".

Even at former personal oracle readings we are under the same rules about get what is show.

So do not abuse of personal nor online oracles.

Now I will cite some I have been working and I really like the results.

Each one is specific and must be used with respect.

Note: The same way I always evoke the spirits for a reading to any oracle I use, I always do the same when using any of the following oracles.
This means, yes, I raise my hands and do my evocation for higher spiritual guidance.
I really found a lot of difference doing that as the reading becomes very formal.

Some websites I rated to be near 100% and I suggest for different works or areas:

Here I give my testimony: I have used the following ones for years with near Zero error when compared (even for checking) against my inner vision and my personal formal readings about the events related.

To repeat: The following ones I give my personal near 100% about quality:

Fourthdimension's Crowley Thoth On-line Tarot Reading - I love this. This is a formal celtic cross spread with the original texts for each card. The website do no tries to comment the reading, just present the original text. A great site when you have not your deck and want to read by yourself. Be sure to pay atention HOW the cards are selected, here is why I love it! It's a formal AC suggested reading, since the first card to show what area the question is related due the former method.

I CHING ONLINE - Fantastic! To me, the best I-Ching site. I stronggly suggest to remember I-Ching have proper rules (cited at the site). I'm using the I-Ching since the 70's so I observed the same to happens: if you start arguing, the oracle will give direct messages about your intents or ideas.... This is the formal I-Ching way to piss you.
Really a great site. The random aspect goes out as you is the one on controle to press the key to get each line (I use this method always).
Realy very good material.
One I suggest for donnations too. A few from each one will help them to keep the great work.

Egyptian Tarot using Kier cards - Portuguese version (better use)
Egyptian Tarot using Kier cards - English version
This is a site for Egyptian tarot readings with the Kier editors cards. Very good! I don't know the author in person, she is Nelise Carbonare Vieira, but presents a very nice work and also is suitable for personal readings with her (recommended).
Note: I found the english version very simple compared with the english one. Appears to work the same way, just not so nice as the portuguese version. Ok people, please remember not all of us have the time to make two entire websites, OK? She deserves my respect also.
The main website is in portuguese, so do your homework and use Google Translator, no troubles here.
The random reading to me always was really very Ok. All cards I got have been direct into the question.
The material is very good; She also have a very complete book about the use of this deck plus all cards study and all of that is available even to study online if you have patience. Or give the merit and buy the ready PDF with all that, really a bargain.
The egyptian Kier deck is a wide source to study and to the ones already on the Tarot and more the Egypt deck, will find the presented cards use to be really very accordingly the question asked.

The llewellyn Tarot Reading
Feel free to call me stupid. I don't know how to reach this since the initial website page! So save this link!
This is a great one, with the choice for eight different deck plus different spreads.
Here something I observed, and this is related with each deck.
Each deck was created for a different vision, so you MAY be carefull to remember each one is related to a very different spirits area.
For example, I use to call the Celtic Dragons to present their wisdom. Hey, Dragons! To often they have no compassion and will present the really crude aspects you have to learn.
The Llewellyn deck use to be the formal tarot and is always Ok.
The Witches tarot is just this. Very good when you are dealing with magic wars or just witches acting, even if this is yourself. So, just a witches point of view.
The Fairy Ring is fantastic to show when something at any magic areas is acting. This includes the areas you have not training. This option also have been good when the source is ATR (African Traditional Religions) or is related with spirits of dead.

My suggestion is to explore each one as you found better.

These are my personal main suggestions, result from years searching and trying.

To finish: Please, reread my previous comments about how to read for yourself. To be simple, do your prayer to open the gate and get the first reply. Do it with courage.



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