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domingo, 26 de março de 2017

How Long Maybe a Tarot Reading?

Amazing Climatic Changes.....
Photo by: Teresa - Portugal

How Long Maybe a Tarot Reading?

"When you are after replies to your doubts, or exploring the misteries to get more knowledge there's not such thing as so big or so small.

All that matters when you got what you needed and not just what you wanted at start."

I got a new record in a tarot reading: 26 pages of text.
Often I add pictures of the cards I’m reading, but this time my camera was broken. And was not a case to copy the same cards images from somewhere else as I did when the client will be able to get more ideas or information from the images.
This was just a Standard type reading, without commenting the numerology related aspects that would add a lot more. Even so, at some part I did a minor citation about in case the person may want to learn more about himself.
Usually I try to be at 10 pages range in a standard reading. Some resulted at 15-18 pages and was a lot until now in my way of working.

Road To Paradise
Digital Art Photo by Nikola Petreski - Macedonia

Each person is different.

This case was even something simple when I took the initial One Main card. I have an option for such reading. The problem become when I start to comment that and explore in detail the aspects.
The matter was even a normal life question, but the client was on need to understand more the aspects, and this is what I’m working for, not just a reply, but add information to the client understand and be able to walk by himself.
This is why I say my work is first for guidance.
Even when the reading is for explore about some work on magic, I have to explain why and what I’m think is possible to do. There’s things people can do by themselves while at other times, I found is correct to explain what is I’m suggesting to work and why and how that will be related for going after for a result.
Just to remember, nobody can assure guarantee results in magic and this is clear stated and explained at the “Readings and workings” page.
Would be easy to me just say… “oh yes, this is so and so and I suggest this or that”.
But no.

See, I’m working alone. This is not a live talking to ask questions or get more information. I’m just working with my own vision plus the Tarot or any other oracle I found suitable to someone anywhere in the world. The same way I need to trust on my guts I found needed to explain what I’m seeing the better way.
And I can’t got quiet when I’m talking with a client, or as usuall, I’m just writing to someone really far away (99,99% most of my clients live far and at other countries). So as my main work is guidance and I’m seeing there’s information the person does not get by himself or have a need to learn more about what I’m talking.
By learning, I say I will try to teach and suggest personal aspects to observe and how to deal with that, areas to explore and study in life. A reason any magic work is under my discretion.

Another simple reason, is my work is not cheap, so I’m not just adding words to make the proposal to be “nice”, but because there’s the need to understand a bit more about what we do and why some works goes easy from hundreds to many thousand dollars value. Such works are not just golden pills to use and when suggested, some may result even in a long working time from myself and even risks evolved, for example, if someone ask me to enter in a kind of war due some reason in their interest this may result in some kind of backfire I have to be prepared to deal. And some works means just years, in a step by step practice.

A 26 pages Tarot reading.That may happens.
So the size of a reading is to present the best I can, and also because I don't bill just for some specific ritual, but for a goal for each one suggested. Sometimes a ritual will lead to another, may need to be repeated for a time, add more others, etc. Talking about the learning path, is always a good practice to ask to the spirits I'm calling what's their suggestion or even they do by themselves, so I have to move to another area and usually that is by me only.  For sure I always notify my clients the possibility for billing for something more when and only I found (and clear explain why) such thing will be really out of any previous measures. Until today, never needed such thing BUT I need to notify the possibility and at same time, I'm very glad and give thanks at some very extreme cases when my older clients offered by themselves additional values like a big gift as they recognizes all the additional works done.

The size of a reading for sure is not all. It’s the contents that matters.
A funny aspect, is when I'm doing revisions of the text trying to make it short, and the result is to add even more material. LOL...

As a personal example, sometimes I paid for readings to myself, as I like to have another opinions and so I received former readings from people I respect a lot, Many was like some phrases and others also was a bit large. But that was all Ok too as they knew who I was and didn’t need so much explaining.
To repeat, I like to have another opinions. I’m not at some magic forums just to cheap talk or teaching others, but to listen and learn with many people I respect a lot. So I often check what I’m doing, use different oracles and ask for opinions. This is just because I’m human like your, and no matter I have near zero faults at readings for more than two decades, does not means I see all and does not means my opinion and experience was the better, but I'm sure about what I have seen.
Someday I expect to find something I really don’t know how to deal and need to learn and I’m humble to say this: someday I will be wrong too, it’s part of our spiritual and magic learning too.
I got cheated too many times mainly due my compassion, a hard learning under tears and blood.

When I dream of fairytales
Art by Elisabeth Zartl - Austria
By other side, we see readings so much generic, even in the right way, but lacking more information. Not a public critic, just an opinion and with respect to the ones who are able to present very short and precise replies. I just need to talk a lot sometimes and the same way, I see people also deserve more comments accordingly their experience.
For sure, in a normal reading, I don’t need to add all such material, just I like to do and when I can to make it for guidance, I do it.
May be with time I will learn to write more using less words or just make my work so specific so people don’t need so much talking.

I stopped to do live readings a long time ago, this still is a possibility for something like a local “day of readings” when someone hire me to do something like 8-10 readings in a day, one each hour or less. I had in the past 30 minutes readings for an entire day too. It’s very interesting. as I did it in the past, and is a matter of someone prepare a group, care of all expenses and the needed proper place. Usually that are nice spiritual times too as I need to opens up myself for a lot of people, including public talk for a group.

When I talk live, I really talk fast, and this is what I write in a normal reading. This one so big I’m citing at the top of this article is near the same as talking near two hours with someone who I was in need for that and the final text is a resume of that.
For sure, I edit and review my texts to shorten it as cited and too often I add more! 
But for live readings, I found 30-40 minutes use to be the needed for a reading. I can talk even just some 5 minutes at the Extreme Method and present all needed info. Each case is different for sure. Sometimes I will talk 20-30 minutes just about one card or in a brief about the personal numerology.
So when I start writing and expanding what I see to put all that ideas into words, the results may become even such big writings.

Something important to note, because the title of this article, and for sure of interest to anyone doing readings, live or not, and is a common problem with some people who does not respect professional work. I'm talking about a personal reading. Be a live talk or by e-mail as I do. The problem is some people just try abuse and want to ask about everyone in the family, relatives, friends, their company busines and etc. For sure your relationship or if the reading is about your job that is Ok. But add more specific to make a favor to others no. That is always abusive. If you go to a doctor, you pay for each one the doctor will look for. Ok? A former reading is the same. Many readers are abused this way and that is a shame.

To add some information about the way I do my readings. And how I work to people at any place in the world. (I live in the south of Brazil so get the idea) To be clear, the last personal reading I remember was some 3 years ago for a closer friend. For sure I'm not the only doing this.  
First I'm on my own vision at start. When someone ask a reading I will see the person question or life with my own inner vision. This is personal and very related to my experience in life. Also a reason at forums I reply to someone and cite I'm under my vision. Be sure I don't use any oracles for that.
The same reason I say nobody is invisible at magic. Be a normal person or someone using a nickname in a forum. Always there's a connection to the one who posted a comment.
Second, despite my vision, and to remember I say I'm not perfect, I will call the oracle, the Tarot (or Runes, I-Ching, etc) and also call for the spirits vision too.
Third, I always evoke other spirits to work with. That start with the angels/deities related to the area, plus the client guardian angel (is always neeeded to ask persmission to enter at the person's world). And as needed, any other angels/spirits/daemons related to the question. All they will add information about the questions.
And for sure, all this add to my own vision for sure and I have to measure that.

The most important is to present the needed reply and when I can add information to the client think about, learn as possible and receive suggestions for their lives become better and with knowledge about what’s happening and coming at their personal path.



sábado, 24 de dezembro de 2016

Love: How Disconnect Emotionally From Someone

Love: How Disconnect Emotionally From Someone

Note: This article talks about Love, but most of this material applies when the person got trapped due feelings like passion, lust, etc.

Sometimes as humans, we will fall in love and that don't work.
Other times, we are very connected to a friendship and that don't work.
And more than this, sometimes we are in a spiritual love with someone who we had faith.

All that are emotional aspects.

And the most know is the Love relationship among two people.

People think love is something like that nice fairy tales, meet one and be happy forever.

But life show there are more than this and it's easy to find millions of fantasy or poetic opinions about.

Love is a main Universe Power, in practice, this energy is the source of the entire universe we know.

So human beings will find many ways of Love acting.

The Love of parents and their children.
The Love between brothers and friends.
The Love of the Nature.
The Love of the God as you perceive Him.

And the Love two people have as partners, lovers. LOL...

Ok, just to remember most of times people think Love means only a couple relationship.

So, to make easy, what I will post now is almost the same to all that areas Ok? 

My background about:

Too often we see therapeuts talking like they are something the best of all, the very Oooba-boobaa of the perfection with incredible succesful lifes. Most of times we found they are not.
I started too early by my own effort to be consciouss I'm not a super-hero, nor a super-scholar, nor a super-fashion-style-guy.
I'm only myself.
I have the same problems any normal people have, like love, sex, money, spirituality, bills to pay, a normal life.

Be sure I have suffered at the most extreme levels due some ex-girlfriend, or an ex-friend, or someone I had admiration at any area, friends and also including at spirituality, etc.

To be clear, I know what means to cry with the most strong pain at my body due someone for long time while I was trying to discover what to do. And this was more than once and for different reasons as in these areas.

As any other texts about the human life area I have wrote for three decades I write about my own experience.
This is what I do. I'm not a scholar, no matter how much I study.
I'm a practitioner and what I have to talk to people is about my own path and what I learned from others too.
I'm glad for the nice scholars who have the patience to collect all that naterials and make it easier to all the other ones who are serious about learning and doing the needed work. They are priceless. So please, valuate your good authors, they do what few are able to do.

Love is Wonderful. 

And a couple Love is the main inspiration for the most books, music, inventions, whatever.
And to be in Love, is just to be near Heaven in life.
Plus all that nice aspects like home, family, support at personal goals, friendship, etc.

But sometimes that does not last forever.

Someday people will learn some relationships happens just for a mutual learning.
I say, many relationships have just a reason to exist.

And the reason is: mutual evolution.

But for sure, not all times we get that. Myself included (I'm a human, Ok?)

So may happens what was Love can become into a big pain. And I know it.

Some will fight to keep a confort zone, until all that have to be finished.

Love is not a game. Dot.

Be sure to finish can be very easy even for a real Love. .

Uhm, sorry, to say better, it appears to be easy.
This is what most self-help authors and a lot of fluffy people don't tell you.

I was into that area too, so and I learned a lot at newage in the 80-90s and a lot more from the many spiritual areas I was in these decades. Including the fluffy mystics.

Sorry, I was there, I did that too! LOL...

It's not cheap practice. Need a big self-Love to solve that. Self-love question.

And for most self-help authors this does not sell books. LOL...

So let's see in a wide way.

The following is a schematics about what I learned and observed to happens. 

To understand better, let's see how Love works in the experience I had and collected and experienced.

Loook at the previous draw.

When you enter in a Love state, that is a like closed circle.
That is an entire new realm.
There are a realm related only to yourself, where experience Love.

To be clear, in a couple, each one have his/her own circle. That's not a prison where both stay.

So the way how each one will left that area is different. 

So observe I pointed three different exit door:
1) The No Love Direct Exit Door. This is simple. The person was never in Love, just had a nice time, but never had entered at the Love realm. They just walk around for a time and leave. 
2) The Exit by Pain Door. Accepting the pain and going into the center, to the other exit door.
3) The Exit By Love Door, when you free the other and let him/her goes just by Love. (remember, true Love is freedom).

1) The No Love Direct Exit Door

The first is easy to get. The person just have some fun, but never experienced Love.
Was just fun and is easy to let it behind.
In practice, the person never entered in a Love realm.
This is why too often we talk with someone who does not understand why the other just left so easy.

But the following two other doors, are a personal experience.
See, if you are inside the circle, it's your circle. The other never had such one.


As I told, each one in a relationship have his/her own realm, a personal circle. Both will share experiences, but each one still is unique about that.
To make simple, let's continue talking about just one circle, but this for sure apply to each one accordingly each one level of conscioussness.

Be clear: Only you can work in your circle. You can't live another one life. Your feelings and thoughts are your only.

While you are that love realm, observe there are many levels, many experiences, as human life happens so we will experience all that.

This is what I draw that line moving all areas, as an example of how people acts during the relationship and even after that.

We'll be moving from high Love feelings level to the confortable areas, where everything is Ok.
But when troubles happens, some will work to solve it and climb again to the high levels.
A desirable level at most is the "confortable level" and up. Things are Ok, no dramas, just moving daily to care how much to do more or not. That's is more like being friends, but still Ok.

But others will just accept an accommodation level.  That is when there are a lot of problems, just one or both chose to do nothing and accept to live a boring sad life. Some become near zumbis. How many relationships we see this way around?

So even nice people sometimes will be caught at the very boring accommodation level. They forgot to care about their relationships. No watering, no care, nothing. There's nothing to make about as this only happens from inside.
If one does not want, sorry, the other can't do it by him.

And  this how so many relationships are working around the world.

This is the meaning of the lines in the previous draw.

2) The Exit by Pain Door

Sometimes things goes worse. And everything is falling. 

And some people will do anything to avoid the pain exit door. They will have a long time of suffering, never doing a serious move to change that.

Remember the lines, when love finished, only suffering happens and people still refuse to let that realm.
The sad result is something like this:

All that became sadness, a hell in life and still people refuse to get the exit door due fear of the suffering they already have!
Note here the Exit goes to a nice garden with a new path.

When It is Finished Get the Main Exit Door

Someday people realize love have gone and need to move on.

And how to go for it?

The most direct is to grown, become mature.
Emotions are strong, but still you must be on control.

So the best of all is to move to the Pain Exit Door.

The Pain Exit Door is where the strong suffering may happens.

In practice not exactle suffering.
I like to call it "Pain Door",  but it's not always so.


The Pain Exit door is reached only when you choose to feel really deep all the Love and find that you need to have the final cry. It's the burning of all the remaining feelings.

It can be the most painful point just because is hard to accept it.
The mind don't accept it. 

But again, that will be really such a stronger pain? 

To be sincere, NO!

Be sure, what really pain is to stay at the accommodation area, avoiding the pain.
That pain will be like a stick, but only a once.
Sometimes you need to go to a doctor and receive a medicine too. Many people dislike, but it's needed. 

What you have to do is choose the risk of the change.
This is a final decision.

Is the moment you really say to yourself it's time to move on!

It's the time when you learn you have to Love yourself first, to have a live, self-steam. 

When you enter there, you will discover that door is like a Fire exit.
And as I told, going into that door means you will be recalling all the Love you had, but for a last time.
That will be the final cry, the final suffering.
Like a Fire.

And that fire will free you.

So for such cases, cry all you can if you feel so, but accept and enter at that door.
The day you do this, you won't look back.

For sure, is nice to keep the good rememberings, but once you cut the love aspect, that will be just part of your life experience. Nice times, nothing more.

3) The Exit By Love Door

What is leave a relationship by Love?

Another popular quote: true love frees.

Sometimes we meet someone who have a mission, something to do.

So we have to free him/her to follow the path.

The Lie about Twin Souls 

This is something a lot of romantic people had. About someone, the only one in the universe who is your perfect match.
Sorry, it's not so.

I don't mind what idea of a God you have. So think with me: may such Powerfull God to be so cruel to make just only one person who is related to you in this entire planet? 

There are hundreds and even thousands of twin souls to each human being in the planet.
May be you live in a very small village with few people. But just go to another place and fast you will discover how many more people are ready to meet with you!
Just to think, there are more than 2.5 million cities in the world. I'm sure you will find a true love at most of them if you stay there for a time.
Uhm? So forgot that stupid idea about just only one person in the entire world. That is a sin story created to make people have fear to love and keep at stagnation level.

Few people get what really twin souls are.

A twin soul is someone who have very similar levels of evolution and consciousness like you.

So most probably, the same way as you, he or she will also have goals in life.

For people at simple life, that often is not a problem as the goals are more basic.

But the most you have evolution, self development and more at spiritual areas, such goals become really big to deal, long time tasks that will affect even the entire planet.

So how to match two people with so important works to do? Uhm?

Each one have too much to do so is near impossible they stay together except for very short moments and that is not a relationship.

So here is a nice example, as when two real twin souls meet each other, the world appears to explode around in light and blessing shared with everyone.

When there's a real twin souls match, that is a giant event.

But they can't stay together, each one have a path.
So they give thanks to each other and leave the other free.

For life both will know where the other is, but they know can't be together and will fully Love each other. 

See here a complete different Exit Door at the center:

Still, the exit is at the center.
Is the same previous door at the center, but there's no pain.

Still the center is the point of the maximum Love.

This is what really happens when True Love frees the other.

They go at the maximum Love and become free to follow.


About Using Magic to Disconnect Emotionally From Someone

Is that possible?

Well, I may say yes and no.

Take the idea from the first circle. To disconnect what you need is became consciouss about what is happen, become more mature and grow.
Once you got counsciouss that Exit Door will be or not of pain.

The same way magic can't create true Love, I think for now is not really possible to destroy a Love.

What is possible is to help the process about how to deal with that circle realm.

So the main aspect is to bring Light over the situation. Bring light inside your mind and make thoughts clear. 

But even Light can be hard to deal.

So, many works will put light over the situation, so you see what is really happening.

But many people won't like what they see, sorry. 

Anyway, some suggestions:

Water to cleanup your emotional bodies

A nice and simple shamanic approach is to drink water. I say to drink some 6-8 liters a day for some two weeks and than come back to a normal level (2-3 liters a day). Have one week to rest and do it again.
Water is related to emotions, so the first idea is to "wash" your feelings. The second idea is water is a kind of light, so you will put light inside yourself to banish the dark aspects. 

The cleanup by fire

This is something I have done using my witch cauldron to burn connections and any dark energies related to the person.
There are relations where links become very stronger and this is a way to workout it. 
Also, the fire will bring light over the situation.

Chakra Workings

If you already have worked for years with Chakra working techniques, there are some to help.

One is the  Atisha’s Heart Meditation. The idea is to use it with a minor change. The technique works to bring concioussness and change your mood.
Bring your awareness to your heart chakra.
(Here the change) With each in-breath, breathe all YOUR OWN suffering.
The heart chakra is a big fire of Love that will transmute that suffering into light. 
So with each out breath, breathe out love and compassion.
Get this? Use your own heart fire to burn all the suffering into a Universal Love energy.

Secondary effects are you may bring more light into the previous love you want to forget and will cry really a lot. By other side, this may help you to make the decision to go to the Pain Exit Door and become free.
This is a general all aspects transmutation meditation anyways.

Crystal Workings

Crystals are pure energy of nature. They will help to cleanup your energy. A decente size crystal is needed, so forget that cheap 0.5" size ones. I say big crystals or some with that rare extreme pure quality (usually 10x the price of others). A decent size Ruby can be usefull to due it's power on self-steam.
For sure, some common size crystals will work too. Something like a hand size is Ok to have near during your meditations works.

Working with Angelic or Demons Magic

Angels show what is happening and works to make you learn what you need to learn.
Again, light over the events so you can choose and make the move to left that bad situation.

Many demons are just angels with another name or ancient deities. Just they may show what's happening, but some will help more to break the connection creating or just showing something to make the break happens.

Citing Jake Stratton-Kent: "a spirit good for creating a relationship may well help get over one too. With conjure magic looking sideways at the spirit's abilities is a useful knack."

What I think about at most of times, they will help to bring light over the relationship so your mind will have the needed to make the choice and finish that.

Calming the mind

There are ways to make the mind calm. Even forget for a time and this can become a needed rest.

See, there are some works like a freeze spell to make someone "forget" something for a time.
This way, anything that still exists may gone forgoten for a needed time.

The better of all

Be sure, until now the best I found is to know someone you have interest and have a new relationship.
Even a friend who you become intimate.
Yes, friends have sex too or just have nice caress together.  Even a good friend for fondly kisses will do wonders for your heart chakra cleanup.

This does not means a new love, just someone you like to be with and this way, nature do her work cleaning up your soul.



sexta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2016

The Peace Prayer of St. Francis - Oração de São Francisco

Arte: Dirceu Francisco Villa Verde Filho

The Peace Prayer of St. Francis
Oração de São Francisco de Assis

A Powerfull Prayer For Personal Life and Even Companies

Sometimes I comment about St. Francis.

I see him as a great Shaman.
More than learning to talk with plants and animals, he was a master of the Elementals of Nature.

He became my St. patron when I received from His hands the initiation over the four elements in the 90s.

One night I was awakened to go to the meditation room and there was all that spirits and he was the one who presented Himself to guide the ceremony.
He was not a beggar as churches present. He was very rich guy and able to deal with all the nature powers.

Just remember, before choose the simple life, like the Gautama Buddha, St. Francis came from one of the most rich family of town and had all pleasures in life before. I say, all the pleasures. And he was a warrior for sometime too, fights in battles, fun, sex, all that. He had everything before find he already had all the needed. 

I was already deep on meditation and shamanic practices.

So all previous workings joined and I learned to work with the Peace Prayer.

In practice, this prayer is very recent and was just inspired on His work. 

Some Uses To This Prayer:

I found it to be used as a kind of personal Alchemy practice

A simple idea for Alchemy is to change your dark aspects into gold. The spiritual gold. Or just what is bad into something better.

My first suggestion is to study each phrase, and observe how it is related to the many life's areas. 
It's not to repeat it. I strongly suggest you get all the meanings each verse has. 

You can use it daily, or even as a mantra to change your mood and opens up to the nature powers around you. 

This will change your point of view about what's happening in your life and to understand better other's points of view. And you will learn to feed from the Nature.

How to use it:

The best is to be alone, but if not possible, keep quiet as possible.
But do the prayer using your voice.
Forgot thelepaty. You must use your voice at any prayer as possible.  (or learn to shout in your mind).
Even if you are in public, even so you can use a clear as possible low voice.

This is something a lot of people and magicians didn't get: spirits (angels, demons, saints, etc) does not divine what's inside your head. Yes, forgot any dreams experiences you had. Here you is the one putting energy onto your intent. So, use your voice, even at low volume.

The best way for any prayer is when you do it with a sound. No scandals need for sure. Even if you have to talk with a low voice do it.

Working for a more former ritual:

As any other spirit, bring a candle and talk with your voice "I"m offering this to St. Francis".
Put a cup of clean water aside.
You can use standard size to seven days size candles with the cup of water aside.
Then do your prayer. Repeat it three to seven times as you feel.
As I told, this is like a personal Alchemy, so I wish maybe you get a different mood just while you are reciting the prayer. As most works, this is natural, so let's it happens and enjoy that time.
Prayer is a communion time, so have your time.
With time, such practices become a time to be silent. This is just meditation. Let it happens!
Then follow to your daily activities.

After a time, at minimum one day, put the water in a nature place, better if is like a grass of wood area on need of water. Just feed the nature! St. Francis feeded the nature ones, remember this, so your ritual must help that ones too.

Doing offerings:

You can do offering to St Francis too. But never before a asking except the cup of water you give and return to nature after.

Your need must be on His area of work, to improve life, feed the needed, change dark into light.

An offering to St. Francis in my oppionon always have to be a thanks and done as hidden charity!
When you feel you got your life changed the way you needed, no matter the results size (as this always have a teaching), you can do a offering to His work in this way:

Fist be sure He is not the one to receive it. He need nothing. St. Francis works to the humble ones and the nature. He work to others. So your offering is to the ones He cares. 
Do an anonymous offering to the humble ones or the nature ones.
Do it as you can, and be sure nobody know you is the one behind that. Charity always must be done in an anonymous way. 

There's two main ways for that. To do by yourself or pay for what you are unable to do. 
I don't know how to sew, so I buy ready clothes. And as I'm getting older, plus all I don't know how to do, some works I'm really unable to do, so I pay someone to do it. Then I choose people and pay well as this ones deserves and feels happy as they got a job. 
Remember, some people, even skilled and humble, maybe under difficult times. So please, do the right thing. As an example, (sorry, I don't like to cite, but may work here), someone asked a shameless cheap value for a work I was sure to cost three times more. So by myself I paid three times more and refused the original price. One of many. 

Please read this: to all people and anyone at magic/spiritual areas: Spiritual results it's not what you get. It's HOW you get it. The spiritual area is never, but never for opportunists!

Stick this: To be respecfull wil the spirits and the same way to get respect from them is a main aspcect to get.

To people at leadership at companies, this is something that will even save your business. Valuate who work for you!
At any of such events, that have to be like a sincere thanks. 

If you want to know about offerings, learn to valuate what you receive and how people and spirits work. 

This is the idea, Uhm? 

So for some offering for St. Francis.:

First, working: have real care of your garden, help to cleanup you local park, a riverside, make your place a better and nice place to anyone live. 

Second, pay for what you can't do. Some people can't do the work due a lot of reasons. So they use their money, and this means they had serious effort to gain that money. 
Starting with very simple examples, like make water supply with bows to street dogs, feed poor families, water the nature plants at a public garden or even do a needed cleanup at such places, help someone who deserve to pay the college, give some wheel chairs (and be sure nobody know who are you), etc. 
Just make nature and other's lifes beautifull without expecting a return! 

This is why for companies, public works when they promote it, really add nothing at the spirutual levels, as that is just self-promotiong while their owner's life keep bad. 
Charity always have to be in anonymous way. Dot.  
The moment you promote such acts, even with photos of your "charity", that became the opposite. For sure, not Karma, just you are showing to be an opportunist.

For Personal Work:

To have strength in difficult times.To get inspiration about how to use your current resources to improve your situation.For family harmony.To have more clarity about your own life and to understand yourself more. For support and spiritual strengthening in cases of illness.To improve your mood.For cases of anxiety.

For Personal Work in The Nature: 

To get in touch with the forces of nature and become more aware of the beauties of life.

For protection at nature. Please, do not try to hug bears! LOL...

Well, I had a strong spiritual spiritual experience in the mountains with a Puma so closer of my head to feed from me. But that was an only one in life experience. Do not try this! Such events happens was a fantastic spiritual gift.

As you recite the prayer to prepare and while you are into it, this is ideal for those who love nature and practice outdoor activities, such as trails in the woods (trekking), mountaineering, climbing, canoeing, exploration of natural areas, caves, etc.  

This prayer will attract into you the Nature Powers. Be sure. 
Regardless of your faith, this prayer works to change your soul and become like an invitation for the spirits and forces of nature to present themselves in all their wonders. 
For sure I can't garantee you will see fairies, but with time, you will be in the mood. I'm glad for
dragonflies, butterflies and birds coming so closer.And some wonderfull events even at shining mountains.

For photographers who want to learn how to capture an instant of time. That is, to learn to perceive life in all its aspects and get the beauty on it. This means, to be able to get the beauty in life. For any artistic activity that deals with life. Painting, sculpture, music, dance, etc.

Note for Dark artists and some famous photopgraphers of the sadness: In my point of view, you are not colleting life, you after after the dark, sad aspects. You do money with sickness. That is not life. This prayer is one of the many ways to change what you do and get Light the day you wish to change. Won't say names as they don't deserve it. 

For the Work in Companies - Business:

For all who are in a position of command and leadership. Owners, directors, managers, etc. This will harmonize your relationship with people and especially
the environment as you work on it. You will even become a better boss as you bring light into yourself. With constant repetition, this will strengthen your spirit. 

Forget about to suggest this to someone at your business! 
This prayer is ideal to be recited alone, before going to business meetings. And if you drink 3 cups of clean water together, this also add the aspects of the water elements, about intuition and Light needed to improve meetings and get the needed insights and better results. 

I already cited somewhere about the changes at business meeting just by drinking 3 cups of water before a business meeting.  Don't be worried about need to piss. Everyone know the good part of a business meeting need only 15 minutes.

For employees it helps to have a better understanding of their role, to have better relationships with colleagues, and to neutralize negative perception in difficult environments. 

ATTENTION FOR COMPANIES: This is not like that methods some companies use an pay someone to talk what you want. I'm not here to talk what you want! This practice have to be totally voluntary, it can never be imposed by the company. That is, do it for yourself and only in positive cases, it can happen that someone became curious to know more, so in this case only you can comment that you are using this prayer (or a spiritual practice). But no miracles! OK? 
This is teaching through examples. Be yourself the good example and over time, the very good energies of nature will work.

For Magicians, Sorcerers, Witches and Shamans Work

St. Francis as a Shaman, became one of that spirits with a powerfull Egregora to work with. 
Forget the church aspects about the poor. 
Call Him and you will find a lot more. 
The nature and people have needs. To be poor is not the same as having nothing, BUT that means to live with what one have.

St Francis works great ast the previous examples, but He is also a great source to learning, guidance and help when you have to deal to get Harmony and Healing in the previous cited areas. 

Is very interesting the way he will work to bring such results too. 
So you can evoke Him for help in the needed areas. Not like St. Expedite, but for human evolution as main aspect.

Some information found at internet: 

The Origin of the Peace Prayer of St. Francis from: The Origin of the Peace Prayer of St. Francis by Dr. Christian Renoux, Associate Professor of the University of Orleans, France.

Original Text of the Peace Prayer of St. Francis: (French)

    Seigneur, faites de moi un instrument de votre paix.
    Là où il y a de la haine, que je mette l'amour.
    Là où il y a l'offense, que je mette le pardon.
    Là où il y a la discorde, que je mette l'union.
    Là où il y a l'erreur, que je mette la vérité.
    Là où il y a le doute, que je mette la foi.
    Là où il y a le désespoir, que je mette l'espérance.
    Là où il y a les ténèbres, que je mette votre lumière.
    Là où il y a la tristesse, que je mette la joie.
    Ô Maître, que je ne cherche pas tant à être consolé qu'à consoler, à être compris qu'à comprendre, à être aimé qu'à aimer, car c'est en donnant qu'on reçoit, c'est en s'oubliant qu'on trouve, c'est en pardonnant qu'on est pardonné, c'est en mourant qu'on ressuscite à l'éternelle vie.

    Source: La Clochette, n° 12, déc. 1912, p. 285.

The popular English version: 

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
Where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console,
To be understood as to understand,
To be loved as to love;
For it is in giving that we receive;
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
It is in dying to self that we are born to eternal life.

And this "Oratio Sancti Francisci" from: www.preces-latinae.org


Domine, fac me servum pacis tuae,
ubi odium, amorem seram;
ubi iniuria, veniam;
ubi dubium, fidem;
ubi desperatio, spem;
ubi caligo, lucem;
ubi tristitia, laetitiam.
O Domine coelestis, concede mihi ut ne tam petam
consolari quam consolare,
intellegi quam intelligere,
amari quam amare.
Nam in dando recipimus,
in ignoscendo ignoscimur,
et in moriendo ad vitam aeternam nascimur. Amen.

Peace Prayer of St. Francis
Art by feral-canary - USA

Portuguese version:

In portuguese it's named as "Oração de São Francisco de Assis".

Senhor, fazei-me instrumento de vossa paz.
Onde houver ódio, que eu leve o amor;
Onde houver ofensa, que eu leve o perdão;
Onde houver discórdia, que eu leve a união;
Onde houver dúvida, que eu leve a fé;
Onde houver erro, que eu leve a verdade;
Onde houver desespero, que eu leve a esperança;
Onde houver tristeza, que eu leve a alegria;
Onde houver trevas, que eu leve a luz.

Ó Mestre, Fazei que eu procure mais
Consolar, que ser consolado;
compreender, que ser compreendido;
amar, que ser amado.
Pois é dando que se recebe,
é perdoando que se é perdoado,
e é morrendo que se vive para a vida eterna.


sexta-feira, 29 de julho de 2016

Goetia Triangle of Art And The Time To Do The Work

Goetia Triangle of Art And The Time To Do The Work

For a long time I wanted to do a new Triangle of Art for my work and I decided to make the new triangle using the names in Hebrew.

So to start I had to deal for something that happens sometimes during magickal practice: get the needed material.

Geting materials for magickal practice

To work on magick, witchcraft, whatever, you may need some material one and other time. This includes candles, incense, herbs and tools.
And for ceremonial magick this often means the need to work a lot more.
It's not something easy nor cheap because the work and training needed.
Need long years studying, practice, learning how to make many things and to deal with a lot of special materials and tools.
And most of times, no shortcuts, sorry. Except for some materials, like gold and some other materials we can use the correspondence tables and sometimes, the needed tool can be done even on virgin paper. But please, never take this so easy.
You have to be sincere on your intent. If you really need to use something simple to make your tools, be sure to do the best you can. And be sure to explain to the spirits you will be working about why you needed to work that way. Decent true spirits will understand your reasons and when asked, will point you on the direction to improve your working tools.

And here a gold tip: Master Asterion presented a very nice way to make Gold Lamen, and it is very suitable to many tools:

But if you got some spirit who even try to make you fuck your life because "they want" something that will cost even your health, my suggestion is to dismiss and even banish the spirit. Such ones are like vampires and most probably just want to be feed without any valid return.
Glad we have with time, centuries of work, some new methods and new materials, as magicians around the world have practiced, made experiments, researched to discover it and got solid results. For example, we know there is not need for sacrifices of blood most of times. I learned this in the 90s using fruits as sacrifice and later extended it. And still, due a ATR line I was, I had thousands of animal sacrifices in my hands I'm sure 99,99% was no needed. And many ATR lines today does not use blood, except for special cases.
About using magickal herbs to this use Aaron Leitch write very well at "Blood Substitute – ‘Solomonic Herbal Holy Water’".

Another aspect about the tools of the Art, is some of that is very desirable you have to do it by your own hands.
Studying the grimoires, and most of other magick areas, you will find all time instructions about doing yourself the knifes, swords, sticks, woodworks, seed and grown your herbs, make your ritual clothes, paint your seals, even how prepare special inks, make oils, etc. 

Ok, if you have the resources, for sure is very when you have a reliable source of magick jewerly tools for example. I would love to have some of that. We have some talented magicians working to make fantastic tools and jewerly and they are observing all the planetary and material aspects and even consecrate it for you.  For sure not cheap. But if you can, this save a lot of time and you will have a piece of art. It's Ok.

So do what you can the best way you can.

Remember, the Great Work is the result of your work. You is the one who need to work.
If you worked to be able to pay someone for something special, Ok.
But never, I repeat, never do that with a mind of "doing it for cheap".
If you does not value the effort, be sure the results will be related.

What you do is part of the Work. So it must have a meaning to you.

So to get the materials to make tools

To me, this means sometimes research and walking a lot and work a lot to find what I need.
I will comment later, some reasons why this may happens sometimes. 

In this specific case for a new triangle, it took some years.

I want to also comment about some materials I had difficult to get.
Someways such things came together with "aditional results" (or curious or funny or as teachings) at some areas of my life, like knowing interesting people or having results far from what I was expecting or "by coincidence", that time was happening a topic to learn a lot from others magicians dealing at some work in the same area that time.  Remember the old tale:"when you are ready the teaching comes".

Even living in a big city area, some materials can be very hard to find. Many people have the same problems because some ingredients does not exist at your region or country.
I just remember how many times people asked where to find black candles, something very common in my country. But at same time, all that oils people at USA find easy, we have not. Same for herbs, roots and many other materials.

Also just due some reason, you won’t find nobody who want to sell that. I say people and companies who have what you need and they just refuse to sell due the most stupid reasons. What? That happens!

I went at many places and was interesting how just nobody wanted to sell a piece of wood cut in the way I wanted. To say better, nobody wanted to sell even a complete board no matter the price and I stated I was not worried about the price! 

Yes, very strange.

Some weeks ago, I find this piece of wood, and this is one part of my life story for sure. 
I just went again into a hardware store near my house, they also sell wood, but not the kind I needed. For some reason, that day the store owner commented about a neighbor, just in front their store. An old man who make furniture. Hey! He have no signs in front of the house, nothing. But I already had listened about him some two years before, people from my city talk very well about his work, but I never found where he was!
And that was an interesting meeting. The guy had an entire board unused for a long time as he did a wrong buy long time before, and someways he had nothing to use that.
So he was very gentle, despite all the work, and take near one entire hour preparing and cutting the wood. He didn't knew the maths for the triangle, and I shown a practical method. He loved it. So he made his work and the price he asked after all was so ridiculous to make me shy. And we had a nice time talking about travels and nature places and some other topics. A blessing to me.
And about some events having more results, the hardware store had a garden bench like I was after too for many time! Now I have a garden bench too! Yeeeeaaaaahhh!

So I get it!

Going after materials , when I needed brute bee wax to make seals it took months too. And I live in a region with a lot of honey farms, producer's groups, etc. Nobody had wax that time! Walking, searching, calling by phone. Ok, all that added energy to the seals I did and the additional result was a very interesting topic in a forum sharing common experiences.

For my circle to the Goetia work, I had to walk some three months just to get the cotton fabric I was on need. As I worked developing specific software to manage the production area of clothes companies for almost two decades, so I guess I had a good idea where to buy fabric and knew all major stores and no place had white/brute cotton to sell.
And to add another "extra" result, this time I worked different. The saleswoman was really gentle, nice, sweet, inteligent and... uhmm... something told me to let her (I found she was married). Anyways, I had some minutes of sweet talk. May be or not?  LOL... 

Cheking the new triangle size to fit space in my room.
This is a 7 foot size circle so I can use the triangle at all directions.

Because all this lets me comment about four points about the effort to get the material and ingredients you need.
For sure does not think to get proper material is always easy. Some have specific characteristics, not the kind you will find easy at any store.

  • First, many times this is just part of your work. Since the starting point, often the spirits are already near and may do you work just to add power to your intent. At some religions areas like the ATR lines I knew, this is even a kind of test to you.
  • Second, there are materials really hard to find. So keep calm. There are ingredients, like herbs and oils you won’t find at your region or country. So the alternative is study the correspondences, find alternatives or even making your own recipe.
  • Third, may be possible is just not time to you work on that. Due some reason, anything stop to work. This happens even at working practices. For example, I had prepared seals, oils, etc. for entire rituals and due some reason, I had some other activity to put attention and all that material went forgotten in a cabinet for years.
  • Four, and this is important to think, may be just is not the right time and despite what you do, it won’t succeed that way. About this think about your guardians.

So is always good to remember: do a reading to get information about what is happening and why.

For sure you must have a very decent degree at least one oracle. For example, the Tarot. This is one of the very basic steps you need before trying such works.

Another you must know and be strong on it is cleaning and banishings.
Guess how many times I tryed to contact someone to get material and the result was a really bad eye or just contacting some very bad place full of that bad energies...
And for sure, never atempt such operations on magick without all the previous needed experience. This is not a matter of gift of birth. This help a bit, but you need the practice.

I often comment as being a practitioner I used to work with what I can, the better way I can do.
And there are things I can’t have, even being desirable, but I put my efforts to get better materials and tools.
This is my life and what I do, so I put all my daily effort on that. Each one may know what level to do. 

I have working with the Goetia for some years, and started the most humble way with big paper made triangles, in a house where I had just a really small place to work. Just open your arms and you have and idea.

When I moved to a bigger house, I was able to use a bigger circle and started to draw the triangle in a two foot size black stone with consecrated chalk. And it have worked too.

As most anything I have done in these years, each time I add a new tool, doing corrections and improvements in the ritual texts and invocations or just improve the place, I observed in many ways, the rituals become stronger and more impressive.So keep walking!

Yes, the spirits are there watching what you do, and they are working too someway.
This is part of something very important: to be always respectfull with the spirits.
In the same way, the true spirits will see you are doing your part, and this add for the respect they have for you. 

You can not buy respect. Remember this if you buy ready tools or try to get shortcuts, as I commented before.
Do it with the most sincere desire and true effort.
You can only get respect as result of sincere work.

You may see this work even as part of an offering you are doing to work with them.

Just to compare, think for a moment, if you have a date, a romantic dinner with your loved one, what you do? Have a bath, wear nice clothes and prepare the food and place for a good time! Well, if you are not doing this, may be interesting to think how is you love life… You have to do your part! LOL…

The Triangle and Names

About the position of the names in the triangle.

The most know schema is like the following from the Lemegeton edited by J.Peterson, a great reference source:

Magical circle and triangle, from Sloane 3648.
Source: Lemegeton - Clavicula Salomonis - J.Peterson - Esotericarchives

Just to point something you will find at most ancient texts: the names are outside the triangle, as comments.
I can only think the original authors put the names there to remember the magician what position means. OR NOT.
But this become standard and most everyone have used triangles with the names inscribed/painted on the borders.
I chose to keep that too just because is one more thing I like to see inscribed as a remember for the reasons why the names are there and what they means.

But this affects the triangle size and the inside circle.

About the sizes:

The size in the grimoires is 3 foot (near 90cm).

I observed many modern magicians done the triangle this size, with a larger border with the names inside. I kept this idea but observe this reduce the circle size. Some are lesser others are bigger.

At the grimoires you will see the circle usually use all space available inside the triangle.

Look again the previous example and you will observe the circle use almost the entire available area inside the triangle.

But when I finally get the wood piece I wanted for years, I was so happy I forgot this. And also because for years I have seen all triangle types, at all sizes. 

So my personal note for a future work: my idea is to get a triangle a bit larger, to do an entire working area of three foot, plus a margin to the names.

So I went into the painting work and the margins really disliked me.

This is something I took sometime to think after my first paint. I really disliked it. I really felt first uncomfortable for some reason so I put the triangle at my room and looked for it for some days. I watched it over my desk for some an entire week.

Then I realized for obvious reasons the circle was too small for the triangle size and the border too large.

So I painted it all again and reduced the border to 8cm (near 3,15 inches), but still a size to use large characters for the names, and I painted the circle again for a bigger size.

Just to explain, or repeat something I comment often: I'm not good at artcrafts, and I have not steady hands to such works, so I have to respect my personal limits.
So I kept a large border because I won’t be able to paint decent characters in a lesser space.

Now some steps I had

After initial paint and doing it again, I made paper stencils with the hebrew names.
I had to redraw the names using Inkscape software and print it at the needed size.

The stencils helped a lot, as my hands are not so good painting.

Because the black background, I have to paint first white and then use the red paint.

But the paper I used as mold got wet with the paint and it glued that over the board!
So, here another note: remove the stencil just after paint, do not wait to dry!

The paint was absorbed by the paper and that glued... what a mess!

Trying to cleanup all glued paper.

So, the obvious result was: I had to paint it all again!

Ok, keep working!

If I will have a spirit as guest to my ritual, is easy to think I want offer a better space. When you are making your tools, this is something important, may be you can’t be perfect, but work to do the best you can.

About the names

Thanks to the work of many scholars and others practitioners, I searched and revised the material from many sources. There are a list of sources at end of this article for more information and complete research texts from other authors.

I repeat: I'm not a scholar, just a practitioner, but be sure I have to read the books, take notes, research the material and external sources, etc. In my case often I go further as I can even to some originals just to see how it was centuries ago before chose the way to do it as there are many different ideas sometimes.
Only then I will have an idea about what and how to work. 

This is the Greek names, the Hebrew ones and their text:

Tetragrammaton - IHVH

Thou God of Almighty power, be ever present with us to guard and protect us, and let Thy Holy Spirit and presence be now and always with us;

Primeumaton - Elohim
Thou Who art the First and Last, let all spirits be subject unto us, and let the Spirit be bound in this Triangle that disturbs this place;

Anephezaton (or Anaphaxeton) - Tzabaoth
Thou great God of all the Heavenly Host;

By Thy Holy Angel Michael, until I shall discharge him.

These are also the words to talk when you consecrate the triangle. It's something with really few material.
For more information about consecrating Solomonic ritual tools, I strongly suggest Aaron Leitch's book Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires for reference about that. If you have not this book yet, be sure it became a real classic and a "must have" for grimoires practice and will save you a lot of time.

Now observe the name’s position in the triangle:

The greek names, like latin, are read left to right, so the words are clockwise direction. Same for Michael.

So, with greek names we have: 
  • Tetragrammaton at right side;
  • Anephezaton (or Anaphaxeton) at left side;
  • Primeumaton at base;
  • Michael is writen starting at left side.

But Hebrew is read right to left. So the names counter-clockwise. Same for Michael.
So for hebrew names we have:
  • Tetragrammaton IHVH at right side;
  • Primeumaton Elohim at left side;
  • Anephezaton (or Anaphaxeton) Tzabaoth at base;
  • Michael is writen starting at right side.

This is way I changed the position of the names in the triangle.

Many authors have similar opinions, but for sure, some may vary a bit about what name use.

Nick Farrel had chose Adonai instead of IHVH due pronouce too, but here is something I had my own opinion as I have used IHVH in hebrew since the 80s at many works, so became an habit.

And so, all effort had a result:
The ready triangle over the garden bench I got.

And this is the result after some years.

Some tremble lines due my hands, I painted the entire triangle four to five times again, had to remake all characters, and to do some experiments too.
Total time: 49 days from get the wood and start at same day working until I found it was ready to consecrate and use it. Plus all previous time researching it and colleting information. Just to compare, the circle needed some six to eight months of total time.
I found funny newbies who start from zero level and tryed something for few weeks and does not understand why they have no results! 

But I still had some funny part during the first ritual using the new triangle.
Yes, I commented before each work sometimes have additional results. This time was a funny part.

For the first ritual with this new triangle, I chose to do a former invocation for a spirit I have worked, King Paimon, explaining at start I was doing a complete rite to consecrate the new circle.
And he is one who know a lot about everything. So my intent was to make this event also a kind of offering to his knowledge and asking to learn more too and etc.
Well, as he have been called before, he is already exorcized, just to remember, once you get more contact (to say so) you can call the spirit near direct. But as a King he like that former part too, so I continued. I observed Presidents also like that formal procedures.
So I consecrated again my tools, the triangle and did prayers thanksgiving for the material I got and the work being ready and did the invocation. 
Well, he was near since my first prayer presenting himself as usuall with sounds and a strong presence feeling.
But all the time I was feeling something behind me, but I just didnt't looked behind. 
And guess what?
I pointed to the triangle and asked to him appears and stay "inside the triangle". 
And he told in my mind something like:
-Uhm, Ok, but wich of the two triangles you want I choose?
Only then I look behind me and realized the old triangle I have used drawn in the black stone still was there at the other side of the room leaning in the wall. And it was consecrated and ready to use!
And the nearest candle had burned near to the base, ready to burn the circle!

Know that moment you get the spirit told you: "Hey stupid, you forgot to release the old triangle!".... LOL...
Well, Kings have humour too! 

So. now lets continue the work.

Some sources and references:


Nick Farrel: http://www.nickfarrell.it/triangle-of-the-art/
The Digital Ambler: https://digitalambler.wordpress.com/materia/img_0060/
Enoch Bowen: http://theoccultandmagick.blogspot.ie/2011/06/reconstructing-solomons-triangle.html
Studio Arcanis forum: http://www.studioarcanis.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=706
Aaron Leitch:  Secrets of Magickal Grimoires. 
Golden Dawn Glossay: http://wolf.mind.net/library/ancient/qabala/kabgloss.htm

Sorry bad english!



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