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Readings - Contact



The readings are only by e-mail.

Works in Magic: First ask for a formal Standard or Numerology option reading to evaluate your case. The Extreme Tarot readig is not suitable for this. 
Write at your contacting e-mail you have interest to do something in this area.
Specify what you need but please, I don't need too much details like a soap opera, give me just a general idea and if someone else is part on this add their real names.
I will evaluate the topic and present my sugestions as commented in the previous page.
Prices are under my evaluation after a formal reading on the subject.

Warning! Does not sent me fake data! I don't mind who you are, but who you can be. I'm not doing a circus show. If you send fake data you will receive a direct reply and due my working time no refund in no way!


Do your payment using Paypal button bellow for each different reading you choose.
Then send me an e-mail with your name, birth date, city (where you live) and country and your personal questions if needed.

1 - The Tarot Extreme - One Card Reading: Us$ 30
Note: If you are after works on magic this is not suitable for that. Use option 2 or 3 bellow. 
Use the Paypal button:

2 - The Standard Tarot/Oracle readingUs$ 50
Use the Paypal button:

3 - The Tarot/Oracle reading commenting with Numerology aspects: Us$ 100
Use the Paypal button:

If you live in Brazil you can make a direct bank deposit. Contact for details. 
This is the only alternatives I have to receive your payment.

Only after payment confirmation and receiving your personal data by e-mail, my answer take three to five business days to be sent to you.

Contact by e-mail: gilbertopb@gmail.com


Legal disclaimer: any magical work is curios only.
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